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Toby, Keith baby. I got the money. You got the Honey what's the problem? What is the problem? That's the way we do the way the world. Anyway, back in the Bernie. Oh, my door baby. So Sidney yes, you met my son wants before I did meet this on once before been been a little bit. But I have very handsome big strapping young, man. My son is a certified public accountants, very proud of him. He graduated from Hofstra and took the really really exhaustive and difficult CPA tests. Anyway, he works for KPMG company. Big four accounting companies and one of his clients is MSG which explains his presence in our building this morning because they own the four floors right underneath a saw. So my son is joined us in studio this morning sitting with headphones on sure come on. Professional son. Okay. So so MSG now you would tell me yesterday that you hanging out with Mark Messier and John Starks right at MSG ranger room and having a meeting with them. So is that true? Exactly. Meeting with a bunch of nerdy financial type. Now, the four floors below isn't that the Nixon the Rangers in? Yes, you guys different floors. But okay. Yeah, we're on the ranger floor yesterday vase. It's just nice decorations. Adam Graves, and those kind of your range of him those guys do work there. They do walk around quite a bit. So I asked him I said, did you see any like really tall black is? I said because if you.

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