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Three let me go to jesse jesse is calling us from texas hey jesse hey thank you for letting me talk to you then question is two years ago when principal bums administration changed the way they can terminate unemployment for anybody work part time was considered it boy wouldn't that make the unemployment rate at three percents we'll present for pulling closer putting working parttime then have a chance well so the way the unemployment rate works is purely the a number that is based on the labor participation so if you would if you discounted the the part time employment then it would actually make the depends one would think it would make the unemployment they would they would come out of the labor participation then if they stopped looking for work and the unemployment rate would go down or there would start applying for fulltime jobs in the unemployment rate would go up so really kind of depends but it's primarily do calculated based on how many people are participating in the in the labor participation rate now believe that the unemployment rate is not real anyway because unfortunately the bureau of labor statistics doesn't use the right population number they use a skewed in my opinion skewed population number we have a population of three hundred and eight thousand i think they're still using three fifty phenomena stake in because why because while they gotta wait for the next census come out there they don't have the capabilities of using the real time numbers or yeah the capability that's the right word they don't have the capability of using the real time numbers so the whole unemployment numbers all skewed anyway for that reason but i'm not sure i guess i'm not sure i understand your mac either what you're what you're saying so the unemployment rate was so anybody that was working even one hour during the obama administration was counted as employed and that's in my opinion was why the unemployment rate was loaded begin with was because everybody was counted they didn't have to work a certain amount of hours not to mention the bureau labor statistics survey numbers were skewed to the liberal ideology of the bs so they would make their phone survey is anybody in your household work.

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