Gail Jones, Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Yards, Eleven Yards discussed on Football Sunday


There are no I'm not afraid I don't know where the camera being you know regressing read not gonna be good up and people are complexion pairing Gail Jones didn't know look way better game you guys are young he twenty two I'm not worried about that I cease herbal from from one yeah injuries the warning over here the adjustment but on the Monday night game of the pagers the patriots PR department was going to gain cream for look at the way they've they've just destroyed the jet to not make it just because they want to just mention you mate with the personal they have well you can just protect match protection and in many adjustments in the way that yours gaming to protect than a blitz zero from the defense because they kept you could see him pinpointing pointed to one side poured into the other side go for base make it clear so everybody's on the same page in the just offer them and when they do when the blitz zero you can have a quick slanderous screen off of it in order to stop it that's what you do the overmatched well that's the whole point of bringing more numbers and you have to block up there for their leaving somebody open in order to create that opportunity the other thing is you can adjust certainly the route tree that you're running to where you're not running fifteen sixteen seventeen yards down the field you know water runs within ten or eleven yards where making sure you can do is you know obviously some of those rob routes that teams do and and the jets to it as well every team doesn't but there are ways to in order to do it to make sure to try to get the ball out of the hands of Sam Donald as quickly as possible to alleviate the stress on that offense of line I get your and I and I I know gate not going to create jobs I'm willing to give him a legitimate shot or he's in a full season to coach and not not pull the rug out from under him eight games and and you know I I feel that the media has had out from since you got here like I feel like a lot of the New York media and just wanted this guy not even it's like the scene in the impossible they want that they want to they wanted her to the ground in a Jeez this awful call man I've gotten out I'm not rooting against Adam gays I did like the higher but I you know I I I cleared I clearly the little crow if he was great he's not be great that's the issue you have here and then you don't love the messaging which we've talked about before where he's thrown his players yeah boss after games early on in the season they come back a day later well maybe thought better of it and say well it's on me it's on the coaching staff we've got to get better now some of the and and clearly there it you know there are guys in the media like you know many Samantha from the Daily News minis does a nice job of clearly you know he's very very critical of what Adam gase is done as the jet head coach and and that's fine if you've ever right to be critical it's not a good job I mean that that's really what.

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