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Years old and i would be humiliated that's how extra she is they must be so embarrassed by her great hashtags jennifer garner used she's nice she's a nice chicken but a mean girl hashtag mean girls the movie hash to i think she has a burn book hashtag cluck cluck yeah so jen garner is one of those who put the chicken on a leash and may or may not never mind i don't want to accuse jennifer garner you telling you saying she killed her chicken she killed her chicken saying i think it's interesting that an eight month old chicken died match it gets interesting those are my opening remarks jury don't you think it's interesting the jennifer garner's pet chicken virginia george died after eight months of socalled natural causes who were you on behalf of the chicken judge kicks finger please get out this is not this is not a case this is not even a court what are you doing here when he coming to court i what the loop simon actress fortyfive share the screen monday and told her followers regina who she always walked on a leash has died of natural causes suite with the details hashtag she was our favorite hashtag rip hashtag she lived a good life if she did it seemed eight months hake months miss garner that's a little longer than this garner let the record show that the average life span for chicken domesticated chicken is seven to eight years police stopped doing a fake court case against jennifer garner she doesn't need this bullshit she's been enough okay like i don't even have fictional also ks so if you haven't but real talk this.

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