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Leave your message of 1877 moist 86 27 7664786. You might be in this week's batch of calls. Well, the Centers for Disease control Which, well, I guess used to have a better reputation before the covert 19 pandemic, That's for sure. Yeah, they have once again updated their definition of what it means. To be in close contact with someone who has Covic 19 and your chances of catching it from them. Previously. That meant being within 6 ft. Of an infected person for 15 consecutive minutes. I think you and I have repeated that Which is why if you didn't have somebody on the street, right, if you pass someone on the street, you don't have to work. Three seconds doesn't count. Okay? And that's why you could go to Disneyland, especially if everyone's wearing masks and social distancing. And there's there's no need to close Disneyland, right? Course. Now. Well now, close contact is if you spent a total of 50 minutes within 6 ft of an infected person over the course of a 24 hour period. Oh, and there's more starting two days before the onset of illness. For example, if you had 3 500 exposures to a person over the course of a day that would count as close contact, and you know where they got this from, which is what I think is dangerous here. They're looking at a case involving a prison guard. That's how they explained some of the reason for the change. Ah, Apparently, the story goes that they reviewed surveillance footage. They noted that a 20 year old corrections officer had 22 interactions. Last thing about admitted each within 6 ft of six prisoners and hear the described is incarcerated or detained. These guys were asymptomatic and awaiting covert 19 test results. In total. They estimate the officer and 17 minutes of exposure to the infected people over the course of the day. A day later. All six individuals tested positive for covert 19. But since the corrections officer wasn't technically deemed too close, contact us with that old rule, he continued to Goto work. Seven days after those brief exposures. He got symptoms of Cove in 19. Now here's the part that'll unnerve people. He was wearing a micro fiber cloth mask gown, goggles for eye protection and most of the time gloves. Member. They always say that you're wearing those things would protect the other person from getting A virus from you than necessary protecting you. Although they do push it as it can protect you to a few times the prisoners. We're not wearing masks. They were not know so By the way, How did they know he didn't pick it up outside the prison? Well, that is mentioned in here. Uh, they can't know that the data suggests the officer contacted Cove in 19 during the brief account If he did not report any other close contact exposures and did not travel from Vermont in the 14 days prior, But he could have gotten it from an asymptomatic person. He could have gotten it from some other a symptomatic person in his life somewhere. Maybe even in his household because that person doesn't know. Yeah, Exactly. So this is this is just another one of these cheap, silly headline Grabbing. Oh, my God. You never know this could happen to you. Well, was it a few days ago? A few days ago, they found one guy. Ooh! Ah! Caught it twice. Yes, they are the and I read, you know, first couple of times I saw it. I go. This is Clickbait. I'm not going to go for it. Not going to go for it. I thought all right, I'll go for it. I'll see. And it turned out. This guy had Ah, case of the virus in April, And then the doctor said that you're cleared and then in May, it perked up again. Which which makes you think that Well, you know, maybe he just never really got rid of the virus right? Maybe wasn't fully recovered, and it flared up again. And then they said, Well, no, no, it's it's it's the two viruses had slightly different genetic components to him. It's like Okay, well, then, that's like two different diseases of it. It's not that he didn't have immunity. It's that this was a slightly different virus that got to him. No, I said, you know, I didn't even actually end up reading the story. I saw the headline to found the one that has happened to a couple of people in Hong Kong or somewhere. I know they very if it happens at all, it's very, very rare, and it gives the scolds just another talking point. To get all worked up about shake their fist it well when we come back another disappointing poll on who would take the covert 19 vaccine. Turns out in California, not a heck of a lot of people. And you know what I say to them? Screw them Good. You know, Darwinism gets right. That's that's what this is going to be Darwinism even though you and I are covered 19 not that deadly, but that But, hey, you want to you want to stay inside the rest of your life? Go right ahead. I'm going to be first in line for the fears of everything. And now it's the fear of Trump and the fear of vaccines Because that that they're brainwashed Every person I know who's like this spends all day watching cable news. And it's infiltrated their brain. And their brains have gone haywire now, and they don't have a way to control their fears. They don't have a way to regulate their anxiety anymore. Morning, too, and coming up work to speak of this. John and me, Never Marquez News. As you heard, the guy's just talking about the CDC has released new guidance on close contact when it comes to covert 19 infectious disease specialist, Dr Yvonne Maldonado says the updated guidance now defines close contact is being within 6 ft. Of someone.

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