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Share your privilege It's an extra effort remember. We're talking about hiring hiring people of color and it's just it's a challenge. Yeah right it's so it's not it's less easy that's no excuse. I don't have them in my network. I don't know very many african american bible. It's really hard for me to connect that way. There's a list of all of these things tough sort of. I don't have the time to mentor. People there's too many business priorities. We can't automate the tests but we can't automate. It's sort of like bullshit tough. You have a fiduciary responsibility based on your privilege to share your privilege as a coach or to be aware of it to be aware of it and then to be helping like helping people up. That's a lot it's the same thing. Yeah so i would word it differently. I would say you're not trying to share your privilege. You're trying to grow gares. Yeah right so you need to establish that there is privilege for them in this role one of the things that sent me back the most in a job. Five six jobs ago there was an engineer. Who came to me with problem. And i didn't answer and i said well. What do you think we should do. And they were thrown backs like well. Nobody's ever asked me that. I'm asking you that. Because like i don't know the answer. And you're the one. That has the expertise that i don't have so like trying i'm gonna rely on you. And that was very different than the way things were before. So then it became establishing grow persons privilege as like. Hey you are the expert exactly here in this organization growth. Yeah you're growing them. Yeah it's not even a mentoring. I mean it is mentoring. But it's sort of situational. That's a beautiful example of just like just based on the conversation how you approach a conversation. Solving a problem is part of what we're talking about like acknowledging in your head you're privilege how am i am. How am i growing that person to see what they're capable of right. So i i don't know any other way to build a successful organization then to put in that what others might deem as the extra effort to grow others and the reason i say that because i know of no other way to grow a scalable organization otherwise everything ends up funneling through you because you're the one with privilege you're the one that people come to for answers and that i don't wanna live in a world where i have all the answers because i did that once and it was terrible and we slowed down and i was unhappy and nothing worked. And then when i discovered how to establish and grow privilege across the organization it got down to people that needed and make the decisions could and they were empowered and capable to make that reality happen as opposed to running up the chain and then getting an answer. I don't know any other way to do that so that. So that's where. I view it as a non negotiable thing. Yeah but i'm not disagreeing with what you said you're experience is limited to a set of companies some some traditional but mostly entrepreneurial companies. You know we've talked about how you interview you'll go. You'll go in with shorts. You're checking that culture and things like that and so you're gravitated to that. I think there's you know ninety percent of the medicare doesn't have the privilege of that right there in your right but what do you do..

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