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Uh uh i'll get thank you the law the line right before the show started was uh should never be on their oh yeah i i would think you newer this goes no idea i admire idea so can we start with the football games 'cause i go let's let's let's start some will of course now here's the thing not that there are a ton of jaguars fans out there see you what we were all jaguars isn't sas there were a lot of people that after they saw them come out and punched the patriots in the mouth jumped on the jacksonville bandwagon say okay these guys got it yeah i wanna know where they lost it the first time all season somebody look this up right all season that any team any nfl team they look through all thirty two game lodge for every team every game had fifty or more seconds and two timeouts and sat on the ball uh end of the first half correct i michael klim iso thompson called it he goes there are their own own 25 and blake portals takes the twice it was massive it was weekend worries kicker rao it didn't make any sense inadequate told me they're playing not to loop course and you cannot jimmy johnson the old cow wiz coach remember when he got the job the team at the top of the nfl heap we asked swiss san francisco church and in order for the cowboys to return to greatness they needed not only to beat san francisco but they had to beat him at candlestick right and jimmy johnson came out and told his team look weird david their goliath ripe we don't come adam with a slingshot we come adam with a bazooka now he you you cannot tom brady and bill belichick have been two eight holes together for reason and not high wage an allusion amid no and i know the second half they zerewan second half there were to place in the second half where i thought they lost at one was they had the patriots third mateen at their own 25 tom brady found tom danny amadullah on that twenty amazon planetary and that led to a touchdown for new england that pulled him to 2017 jaguars got the ball back.

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