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Here i three wrecks autry thank you not not the girl from sharp right gene gene autry or the plan from little shahar's exactly or the sister from vacation. Okay so the audrey meadows from. Tv's honeymooners thank you. I was waiting for it and it came late but it was worth it. The second sans is frosty. The snowman made the children laugh and play. They were surprised before there is. He came to life that day. Now when i originally looked at this the sheet and read the lyrics my first thought was what cut rate lyric website. They clearly have the wrong lyrics. But then i listened. I went on youtube. I listen to the artery version and these are the lyrics. Yes however i listen. I then went through and listen to several more versions including the riots. Right jimmy durante. Jackson five bunch of others. And all i wanna say to these lyrics and i understand. They were first but to these lyrics intimate autry hashtag frosty because these are not. These are not the lyrics that i recognize the lyrics. I of course recognized her. Frosty the snowman was a fairy tale. They say he was made of snow but the children know how he came to life one day. So i'm not sure why the discrepancy. I'm not sure how this happened. Well i don't know why the lyrics change because these things are perfectly fine. If i had not known of the other virgin islands in some alternate universe. Where there wasn't whether virgin. I would have never given it a second thought. I don't know why this happened. I will say this. I listened to this song a lot. A lot of different versions of the song. First of all we'll get into it later but gene autry. There's two different versions of this song from the from nineteen fifty and then there is a moment that i can tell there is a moment. There is one recording. And i'm going to leave it to later. But there is one recording in nineteen fifty that makes makes the switch to fairy tale. They say and it seems that everybody's heard that and was like. Yeah that's right. Let's go with that moving forward so this version is only in a couple of a couple of early versions from the nineteen fifties. As far as i could tell. And here's the thing. I think i and i think everyone else. Maybe even subconsciously agreed that fairytale they say is better because it opens up the world where it's like frosties. This rumor that people about like this is almost become like an x files episode. Where it's like like like like scully's like hey scully. Frost frost man heard about this man. Frost man by the way Snowman is a copyrighted term bandage to snowman's band-aid. I can't say that across. No he's he's like have you heard about this This snowman going around town like alive. And she's like. I'm sure there's some logical explanation for it is rumor that like people are talking about right. I heard it's a fairy tale. This this the snowman who who came to life possibly committed a minor traffic violation. But we'll get there. We'll get there later but yeah so process. Now man made the children laugh and play. They were surprised before there is. He came to life that day so either way which which either version. It is at this point. Frosty is now.

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