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Yes. And I was curious what you guys do on days. Like, I know that some schools have these digital learning days where they still like almost run classes, you can use something like school g for example. To still like do work just remotely like a teacher can sit at home and have all of their students still log in. So like write a note. You'll even though today you're not at school. We're gonna do this in this in this today, and almost try to run your class remotely is anything like that going on where you're at guess, it is not in my school district, but in many school districts through not just Minnesota, but through the United States, they have these things built in a some of them even practice these days. So they'll intentionally take a day off, for example, the fall, I think I read that intentionally so that they can learn the kind of the ins and outs in the students get used to how does this actually work, you know, make his golden kind of finding any flaws in the system itself. So when it does happen. They've already remedied those issues, I guess the biggest issue could be a access. So we're talking about like wifi access whether or not. Would have that in their home and in the United States? We don't have like a public wifi kind of access system that exists, you know, everywhere. So so there could be kids that are lacking access. So they couldn't actually do you digital components. But for the a lot of these schools have found success doing that in a variety of different ways, some of the big non digital things. So that they actually there's something that they already have that their parents have been given that if there's a day like this here the things that you do. And then some of it has to do with learning management systems. Like, you just described going on to school A G, or whatever all to might be. And then being able to complete your assignments logging into something like Skype or some other kind of meet up an running your class like you normally would in having people have your students log in and then it's not a data's lost. Corey Graham was describing that in her school district. What they do is the staff does a digital learning day. So they do professional development that too. They just do that. Instead, the kids don't have any work to make up at the staff has to do, you know, a module. Whatever might be, you know, a participate in a discussion, whatever it might be, you know, those kinds of things to be able to do some professional development. So you you create those things in in case those days happened in them when they do you can go in there and make it up whenever you ought to do it. You know, you make up that time. So it's kinda cool because then you don't have to come into physically into school. And you don't want to make them up. Currently at my school. For example, you have to make up these days. So you when you add to the calendar, or you take away -cation days that are coming up or you Adam at the end when when I mean when it snows in berry, which is virtually every day, and I suspect where you are. I mean, we got lake effect snow so I got I got a good three snow in my front yard. But I mean, the snow plows going to action. There's there's dirt on the on the roads in salt in a matter of hours..

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