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Was in the minority on what was likely to be the result but but the pope paul determined as as we now know anyway what really struck me was the we're we're so often accustomed to thinking of the pope as a both distant and certain about all things and the beautiful with insight into struggle that said did you guys read this this australian gentleman at age one hundred and four who chose quote unquote assisted suicide switzerland how old was he a hundred and four yeah yeah yeah i saw that some folks might potentially have some notion that they might want to weigh in on on that item and then another article from the newspaper earlier this week battle bruise or bruise over felons voting rights and painfully to me this is once again this second headline generally democrats favor rolling back laws while republicans opposed such moves and we can't get out of our silos and did you do you know guys what the laws are in missouri and kansas with regard to a felon ever winning back his or her voting rights if you are no longer on paper if you were off paver meaning you're not re reporting to a promote a probation or parole officer you absolutely can have your all you have to do is register probably your registration has lapsed or let's say you've been in prison for ten years they don't have an accurate address for you at cetera you get out of prison you do your probation or your parole you're no longer reporting to an officer yeah we can talk about that and more michael bill may have the kansas side of the equation pat down all right but we'll be right back after these messages here at religion on the line five seven six seventy seven ten five seven six seven seven one zero we're gonna be right back at religion on the line in just a moment.

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