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Creep up into near sixty degrees this afternoon but it's definitely going to be windy and it's seven oh two first day for senators taking part in the impeachment trial of president trump opening statements haven't even begun yet A. B. C.'s Lizabeth hers on Capitol Hill kicked off with over the rules even prompting a rear moment Chief Justice John Roberts admonishing both sign I think it is appropriate at this point for me to admonish both the house managers and the president's council Democrats arguing without additional witnesses or documents the trial amounts to a cover up we'll witnesses be called eventually they're thinking is that they want to have the most information possible when they make a decision so they want to hear the opening statements they want to go through the up to sixteen hours of questioning and then decide do they feel they need more information but right now what you have is basically just an interest from these key Republicans and interest doesn't amount to a commitment to actually call witnesses ABC's merry Bruce on Capitol Hill with continuing coverage the impeachment of president trump I'm sherry Preston ABC news Sam with all eyes on Washington in the president's impeachment trial to resume this afternoon at one his party is now looking to the future the Republican National Committee kicks off its winter meeting this afternoon at trump national Doral in Miami Florida's GOP National Committee men Peter fame and doesn't expect to hear anything about what he calls the impeachment charade we are all about planning for the convention and planning to get as many new voters registered he says unlike in twenty sixteen when the party was divided everybody has one gold one goal in mind and that's to reelect this great president president trump is set to speak at the event tomorrow Eric Rodriguez newsradio six ten WYO D. at seven oh three activists are taking to the steps of the state capitol with a women's rights March in Tallahassee lawmakers debating parental consent for anyone under eighteen in Florida democratic representative anise Kamani of Orlando says supporters are falsely claiming this will improve the relationship between a parent and minor struggling the decision but she says ultimately you can't legislate relationship what it all comes down to it at at at challenge border right right he would have protected abortion act that word that eight lawmakers are debating the band today in the last committee stop before it's taken up by the full Senate it's seven oh four in a wild scene caught on camera and a highly a pizza joint you can watch at W. I. O. D. dot com right now as to trans gender women are verbally harassed and insulted by at least two men inside ray's pizza then as one woman confronts one of the men the other woman starts throwing punches and uses her heels to defend herself no telling what possible charges may follow there were injuries police are now investigating president trump reportedly considering expanding his travel ban to include several more nations the list isn't final but is said to include Belarus Myanmar Eritrea crise extend Nigeria's to don and Tanzania the proposal would necessarily ban trouble for residents of these countries but what put in place tougher immigration restrictions from told the Wall Street journal that a plan was in the works but declined to name which specific countries are being considered the original travel ban targeted Muslim majority nations and was modified after court challenges it now affects travel from Iran Libya Somalia Syria Yemen Venezuela and North Korea seven oh five Antonio brown is a wanted man he appears to be at the center of yet another disturbing incident out of Broward Hollywood police were called to his home all sterling road for an incident involving himself his trainer and the driver for a moving company police say the driver claims that brown and trainer Glenn hold beat him hold was arrested brown is still on the loose the head of a black police officers union insulted by comments made by fellow officer Miami police captain hi your Ortiz who once identified as a white Hispanic announced that he's black sergeant Stanley jump walk is president of the Miami community police benevolent association which claims to be the nation's second oldest black police officers organization he said it's offensive to African Americans that Ortiz would use their race to get an advantage in seeking a our motion it's coming up on seven oh six a father who lost his daughter in the parkland massacre now has a voice in guiding education across the state governor Ronnie Santa's is appointed Ryan petty to the state board of education Ryan's daughter Elena was killed in the twenty eighteen massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high that he was a member of the MST public safety commission which recommended ways to prevent future school shootings and a lot of people don't have enough in savings to pay for things like an emergency room visit or car repair could you afford an unplanned expense of a thousand dollars or more almost a quarter of Americans can't thirty seven percent would need to borrow the money in some fashion putting it on a credit card and paying it off over time getting up family or.

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