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Intricacies of that or challenge it anyway because it's a story we've seen before and that will probably continue to see as men continue to be some of them more interested in having sex with you know a fuck bought then actually into there and there are male fuck bots that are coming out as well so i would honestly full it sounds really great i i'm i'm hoping that soon in media the other side of this will be exported as well there are a couple examples of it but like whenever i was like just coming up of examples at the top of my head of human man female presenting robot like that's not a bunch the inverse of that with a woman having any sort of relationship with a male robot thing couldn't really think of anything except for an episode of black mirror and then i did a little bit more research there's a few movies a few other things but they're pretty obscure there's like nothing super mainstream that explorers vision a robot from vendors have you seen the adventures oh yes yes vision not a robot but he is like i think an artificially intelligent creation but did a woman create oh no but he does have a relationship with with wanda that's right okay so that's one example right right new age where that's the only example so yeah i don't know i just there there were opportunities for that topic to be delved into more deeply explored more and as many movies simply just didn't happen really quick a just want to mention this movie is extremely not diverse and white snow no non straight nothing very white very hetero this is not to defend it but you have to ssume that by the end samantha's like pants sexual or something right there's no indication that it's there's no but there's no reason not to i'm not saying it is she is a icon yeah no not a queer icon she little cartoon boy in the video game god feminist icon agree yes of course but that's you know that's a lot of spectrums movies where you really don't see the world outside of husk jones you fit which is simple lens of white man yes yes yeah let's talk about whether or not the movie passes the bechtel test i think it does think it does in one scene because there's a few scenes where at least a female voice interacts with another woman i think that that qualifies for yeah so there's a scene where samantha talks to theodore's goddaughter whose name we learn is jocelyn and they talk about how cute her dresses and how old she is and i think a man isn't mentioned in that entire conversation so i believe that passes there's a couple of other scenes where women interact largely women are not interacting in this movie at all but like the one where theodore's ex wife is talking to the server at the restaurant and being like get away from us my husband fox's laptop you wouldn't count the amy adams talking to you the voiceless i wouldn't count that because we never hear the other side of the conversation she just named her l e elliot's the name of amy's os but yeah because we don't ever hear ellie talking i would not pass that there's the scene where isabela surrogate and samantha are talking after like things fall apart but the whole context of that conversation is samantha's relationship to theodore's that does not pass and then samantha in tatyana which is chris pratt's girlfriend she talks to samantha but they only talk about how much chris pratt's character loves tatyana feet three so that does not pass that seems more like we all have our things some people computers and other people have foot fetishes so yeah i would say in one scene it does pass so her passes the beco test can ask my bechtel tests question please so the bechtel test is valuable let me predicate oh this yeah but i've always thought about like would movies with female protagonists pass a reverse bechtel test and this is not to be appointed like both sides or whatever it's more of as people who have i imagined if you you've rented movies i have i.

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