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I just feel like she could, she can't, she's a control freak fairly then she realizes like. Yeah. You're screwing yourself. Yeah. And also I'm being a dick because nobody really likes him. Yeah. And like I don't have anything to worry about with them right. He's not a bad father, he's not abusive at all the way so she Brianna also tells Nova. Like don't worry. It's not mandatory. She's like no I one hundred percent want to go. She's crazy but if you don't she's like I do. I get it. But I also feel like that is nice to let her know. Like you don't have to go. Yes. Because I think that she didn't want to pressure her because I think that Nova gets real stressed out and doesn't say anything about things, right? Because Nova was, I think Nova felt a little pressure to sleep at Des Moines mother's house that's how that was a right relation. So now dead We see a little bit of rocks, Ipoh for like a second. I wanted to see more gotta get her paycheck. Yeah. That's true too. And then Des Moines is on his way to get him and I am looking at. Stella Stella has like still looks like she's like a little kid at a concert. They put like these big headphones on her. I was that child. I went to see the who with my dad. When I was a kid, I had that on. So she said that she said that still doesn't have her dad. I mean I've mixed. Is that new also? Are you really sad? She's so much better off. He's gross. Maybe he shouldn't be in and out of her life. No, yeah, no, no, no. I know that. It's very hard to say that about someone like, oh, he's better off without him but like Louis yok ya Gerke. I I get such bad vibes from I do too. It's like the four-time he gave you the clap right move on. Yeah yeah. Gross something very scary about him and phone number. Yeah. Like I don't know. There's something wrong with him. Yeah, he's very off-putting. Oh man. So now Nova comes home and she had the best time it's of wine and she also wanted to stay over so Brianna. What's up? I'm she has X of clarity. Yes he's like yeah I mean at the end of the day I have to forgive him like I'm not I can't do this. Even just for Nova sake, write her for. Go look for everything. She's like yeah, I'm being a bitch. Yes, that was good. I liked that. She came to that conclusion and I think that hm therapy does help people come to these places because you talked to someone who's like a neutral party. Absolutely. I've been using better help online counseling. So have you. I absolutely love it because I don't have to travel to see my therapist. I don't have to sit in a waiting room. I don't have to sit in my car..

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