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I up. There's like the quiet bass riff in the background, but then once the rest of them music comes in. It sounds like the beginning of the counting crows. Cover of they paved paradise to put up a parking lot. recall that one yeah. More yeah I don't think that they use our I. don't think they really genius the ad here for just pulled a bunch of songs they like. It just thought it sounded like to me. Hear it I. Don't think that's the case. What are some of your favorite moments from this episode? I don't know? I there. There's like there's this one that's like this lingering shot on Dirk Bean. With the Bible. Yeah, where he's like kind of just like talking to himself. That was like sort of intense like talking to himself. Without that that was that was kind of wild. I'd kind of forgotten about. Trying to give them kind of the Dodo at it. Yeah, but I also. It really did feel representative of like folks from different walks of life being there. And having their different reasons for being there and I know that felt kind of mythical to me to some degree. That was pretty cool. O obviously obviously. We touched on this in the evolution of strategy is the incessant use of Oh, just McConnell. The, cuts in screen shipped up. Is. Is Marvelous and they really. Keep the fire challenge. Keep de Extinction. Fine Ring back the. The transition I'll make that trade like that. That's better than you better be red. Yeah, it is. That's better. Okay. Yeah, it is. It great to see rudy again. Obviously, yeah I. I'm watching this since rudy passed away. And at the height of his powers here. He is talking about what it's going to be like for him to get along with everybody. The hardest part is hanging around all the young kids. I don't even know what MTV means. Hey. I worked there and I don't know what it really means. Yeah, who did he was talking about MTV on the tribe? That would probably be Dr Shawn Dr Shawn. You think that why he's talking about how edgy he is with his Houston, MTV, and did you. Did you see hey I think I'm going to get my fingernails painted acts like Carson Daley on Trl, missed opportunity to not put the edgy Dr Shawn on the edge of extinction. Yup Pretty Edgy Right. Now we'll be pretty. Good for the edge of extinction return again is if they put a doctor on there. Yeah! I could see it. Actress cons come back to survivor is edgy edgy extinction. The man was born to play the edge of extinction first off. Strategy, not necessarily his strong suit Delta Bowling! Alley built a super bowl, two thousand like just hanging out how to loved ones visit. The man was born for the edge of extinction. But weren't you the guy who said that he was like a secret? We stealthily next level survivor player with ABC strategy. That was my theory in the original evolution strategy. Evolution Strategy Dot, com, I theorized that look that I thought it was actually very smart for Dr. Shawn to be able to say hey, all I'm doing. Because at the beginning of the alphabet was all of the names from PA- Gong and then at the end of the alphabet rich. Rudy Sue were all of the names from target, and you know I bet there were? were times when he was almost in lockstep with the group and what they wanted to do, and he also wasn't getting any plan on. Enhance right, but then you talk to Dr Shawn Yeah. He sort of podcast with Dr Shawn. He was like no strategy. Yeah, yeah, 'cause. I was Dr Shawn, uncomfortable relationship with being seen as a strategist, we're Richard didn't mind. Taking the credit and probably took too much credit. I think it was more of a a real team effort as opposed to him being the lone mastermind in that group I think that there was a lot of like consensus that was made in the Taiji Alliance where Richard. Ultimately it kind of walk away with all of the credit from that I think that Sean was actually rather uncomfortable with ever anybody saying like Oh. No, you were duplicitous, right? You're supposed to be a doctor. Sir Do no harm. What does this alliance right? I thought you were edgy and I. Guess you're a real square turns out. You're part of a voting block. But. You were edgy. Just you're just sit back. Take that piercing out? Delicately, give it back. You don't deserve this. Serve to wear this. You didn't earn it. Yes. Yes, I'm your gun. Give me back that NIP ring. Put that on the soundboard. Somebody Josh we talked about tugay anything from PA- Gong. That stood out to you from this Borneo Premier. No I was a little checked out during the. SCENES NOT NOT ON SPA I think I. Just got sucked into a twitter vortex at the time. What the scene so? Oh I wanted to go back and rewind it and then I was like no, we gotTA. We gotTA push for it, but I did do is like I paused. The episode was like all right. Gather Yourself. Take some time off and then and then get back into it but I. don't I don't have any big fresh memories of the Pagan stuff from this episode, my memory of it is that like most of the PA- dramas going to be in the in the episode that deals with the late great bb, Anderson Yeah I mean. We SORTA got to set up a BB L.. Gretchen said that you hey be you're gonNA. Burn yourself out. Said I don't burn out. He was not he was not heating her warning to slow down. He was just GonNa work on building the shelter and getting into, but it was a very underserved begun crew here at this I episode. We saw a very little from a BB. Ramona in Gretchen really that was the extent of the Gong Trimbe. My favorite moment from this episode that I can recall is when they're doing like. The big hero shots at the start introducing us to everybody who's in the game. is the one of. Like nine of Lake, turning towards the camera like exhaling.

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