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People have been interviewed about the case so far chill NATO fox news six thirty four now Stephen till the morning here on K. and SS said it's time to cut forecast with K. and assist staff meteorologist Dan holiday good morning Dan good morning we can expect more hot weather both today and tomorrow but a break in temperature and an increasing chance of rain and thunderstorms as a frontal boundary moves in Thursday night it'll be sunny breezy quickly heating up today with a high ninety five clear overnight Carlos seventy two sunny and ninety six on Thursday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday and now partly cloudy seventy one degrees we have a southeast wind at ten miles per hour news brought to you by Blake bass singer what to sell your business call business broker Blake bass singer four one six two thousand six thirty five Stephen Ted here on K. and SS and Randall gay this is breaking news terror police investigate a fatal shooting this morning are you bi notes this to occur just after three thirty this morning in the twelve hundred block of north pine crest at that time I covered a male victim with a gunshot wound to the head and they had a female suspect they were looking for and a car involved in that to those the notes I took around three thirty this morning and that's it again in the twelve hundred block of north pine crest six thirty five now Stephen Ted here on K. and SS and today is again Wednesday June seventeenth twenty twenty on this date in nineteen thirty three the Kansas city massacre took place outside Union Station in Kansas city as a group of gunmen attacked law enforcement officers escorting federal prisoner Frank Nash four of the officers were killed along with Nash as far as gang land killings are concerned this ranks almost up there with the St Valentine's day massacre in Chicago which of course.

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