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Need help with your and projects account temps provide highly skilled temporary professionals when you need him concepts Robert half company featured and get your news kicking off the week with partly cloudy skies and a high of seventy one in Phoenix highs drop into the low sixties on Tuesday then another storm brings more rain Wednesday thanksgiving day and Friday with more high country snows too I'm a DC fifteen the religious I reserve must see ya at seven oh three it's forty nine degrees in Buckeye first ever data shows Phoenix police officers drew their guns three hundred eighteen times in September firing only once more often than not police pointed at minorities initially we need to start looking at the amount of de escalation training that our offices are receiving Janelle would with the black mothers form says they've already received implicit bias training in hopes of improving community relations sergeant Mercedes fortune says the data don't tell the whole story there at the door and we see a person come to the front door and they're armed with a gun at that moment you're drawing your weapon and that must be reported fortune says full context may come after a few months of data collection both sides hope it improves relations Peter say more KTAR news Arizona votes former New York City mayor a multi billionaire Michael Bloomberg as into the democratic race for the White House all the political expert Emily Ryan tells K. T. A. R. his decision spells trouble for every other candidate the guy's worth fifty four billion dollars he's already spent over thirty million dollars in an ad by for next week alone and he's promised to self fund his campaign she says Bloomberg will spend whatever it takes to win the nomination lots of people in our state already sick from the flu so abroad so hospitals are taking precautions doctor bill Allard is with the rows heart hospital visitors under the age of twelve will not be allowed in patient care areas of the hospital and and the adults that are experiencing flu like symptoms anyone coming into the E. R. with flu or cold symptoms will also be required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth college students across Arizona have some extra incentive to get their flu shot this year there is a phony university flu shot challenge Dr Kerr crest is the director of the Arizona department of health services we are always trying to engage with the community and this seems like a perfect group university students are usually very engaged in the numbers are proving that and in a very short period of time in just six weeks over seven thousand at university students have been vaccinated who's winning from what I understand the university of Arizona is currently in the lead I'm very excited about because that was my alma mater for medical school alley that near KTA Arlene CDA our eyes an education a week after mesa public schools put it superintendent on leave without explaining why we may finally be getting some answers the former may the school's governing board president filing a complaint with the state attorney general's office accusing superintendent Dr ever calmly of theft and embezzlement Ben Smith help hire calmly and lost his reelection bid last year he says an anonymous an internal source came forward regarding five thousand dollar raises for the superintendent executive team and other contracts for promotions that were carried out at salaries higher than what the board approved if true these allegations would violate state law in mesa I maybe see fifteen Johnson a BC for Katie our news what's this an ISIS shortage at the North Pole yeah led to the cancellation of a holiday tradition the annual Christmas an ice sculpture park started fourteen years ago it normally displays you'll themed ice sculptures drawing carvers from around the world but this year there's just not enough ice on local ponds for ice harvesting climate researchers say North Pole it's been almost eight degrees warmer than normal as warm oceans and the lack of sea ice contribute to heat in the atmosphere regionally Dave Packard ABC news but rest assured I have been informed of that you know mace Santa's sleigh is magical right doesn't need any ice to take off their so that's why is able to deliver presents you know like below the equator but I think you know everybody's concern about climate change when stars affect centers workshop that's true right K. D. A. R. news time is seven oh seven all right let's get to the third and now the valley Chevy dealers traffic center they are Hey I want to tip the cap to the troopers they're doing a great job of clearing racks left and right when they occur they're making it hard on the traffic guy to have anything to talk about.

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