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Oh <Speech_Male> california stocks <Speech_Male> gained ground on wall <Speech_Male> street. The dow one hundred and thirty <Speech_Male> one points. The nasdaq <Speech_Male> rose twenty one <Speech_Male> points. <SpeakerChange> Today this <Speech_Male> is. Npr <Speech_Female> live <Speech_Female> from news. Eighty eight seven <Speech_Female> in houston <Speech_Female> on guilt. Lauder <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> data shows. Houston's <Speech_Female> apartment market <Speech_Female> is seeing a major turnaround <Speech_Female> from a pandemic <Speech_Male> slump <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Female> martin tells us it's <Speech_Female> partly because of the current <Speech_Male> challenges <SpeakerChange> of buying <Speech_Male> a home more <Speech_Male> than ten percent <Speech_Male> of houston's available <Speech_Male> apartment supply <Speech_Male> was vacant last <Speech_Male> year but vacancy <Speech_Male> rates are now down <Speech_Female> to pre pandemic levels <Speech_Female> and in fact lower <Speech_Male> than twenty nineteen <Speech_Male> texas <Speech_Male> a and m universities <Speech_Male> real estate research <Speech_Male> center estimates <Speech_Male> too low vacancy <Speech_Male> rate will continue <Speech_Male> across the state <Speech_Male> through at least twenty <Speech_Male> twenty three luis <Speech_Male> torres as a <Speech_Male> research economist who <Speech_Male> co authored the outlook <Speech_Male> he says one <Speech_Male> factor is historically <Speech_Male> low inventory <Speech_Male> of single family <Speech_Male> homes which <Speech_Male> leads many renters to <Speech_Male> postpone. Homeownership <Speech_Music_Male> abide <Speech_Music_Male> by <Speech_Music_Male> business. <Speech_Music_Male> Strong demand <Speech_Music_Male> as cost <Speech_Music_Male> increases <Speech_Music_Male> such a high rate. <Speech_Music_Male> Fortunately somehow <Speech_Music_Male> schools have <Speech_Music_Male> been out <Speech_Male> of <SpeakerChange> the market. <Speech_Male> Your personal torres <Speech_Male> says other factors <Speech_Male> for strong apartment <Speech_Male> market include <Speech_Male> the pandemic stimulus <Speech_Female> payments an increase <Speech_Male> in covet nineteen <Speech_Female> vaccinations <Speech_Male> which is enabling <Speech_Male> many to go back to <Speech_Male> work. <SpeakerChange> I'm flooring <Speech_Male> and martin in houston <Speech_Female> from beaumont <Speech_Female> this afternoon <Speech_Female> more than six hundred <Speech_Female> contract. Workers <Speech_Female> at exxonmobil's <Speech_Female> refine ray are <Speech_Female> still locked. Out of the plant. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Mad herald says <Speech_Female> a company has turned down <Speech_Female> multiple proposals <Speech_Female> from the union <Speech_Male> which could <SpeakerChange> have ended <Speech_Male> the dispute. Exxon <Speech_Male> mobil turned <Speech_Male> down three proposals <Speech_Male> from the union in <Speech_Male> august which would have <Speech_Male> returned workers <Speech_Male> to their jobs. According <Speech_Male> to reuters <Speech_Male> the lockout has been <Speech_Male> underway for more than <Speech_Male> four months now <Speech_Male> in a statement. <Speech_Male> Exxon says quote. <Speech_Male> The union has not <Speech_Male> presented an offer <Speech_Male> that came close <Speech_Male> to meeting the company's <Speech_Male> objectives <Speech_Male> the oil and gas <Speech_Male> giant says they're installing <Speech_Male> a group of basic <Speech_Male> refinery <Speech_Male> operators for the beaumont <Speech_Male> facility. <Speech_Male> Some have already been <Speech_Male> recruited <SpeakerChange> and began <Speech_Male> training last <Speech_Female> week. Texas <Speech_Female> drivers are paying <Speech_Male> a little more for gas <Speech_Female> as week. <Speech_Female> Aaa texas <Speech_Female> says. The statewide <Speech_Female> average is two eighty <Speech_Female> one. And <Speech_Female> that's up two cents <Speech_Female> from last week. <Speech_Female> We have a slight <Speech_Female> chance of rain this evening. <Speech_Female> Overnight low <Speech_Female> expected to drop down <Speech_Female> to about seventy <Speech_Female> eight degrees <Speech_Female> some rain around the <Speech_Female> area eighty four <Speech_Female> on the u h campus <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> on gale <Speech_Male> daughter. News eddie <Speech_Male> eight. Seven support for npr comes from npr stations. Other contributors include.

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