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Having. All right. There is Jared cannon near joining us. What a great win would obey performance from the gorilla in his middleweight debut wins at heavyweight wins at middleweight, of course, the wind just now and then wins at light heavyweight. So I probably did that the wrong way should've done heavyweight light heavyweight mid away. But you get the point you get the point and especially doing it in New York and gets a felon yorker, David branch, who's a tough out a really really tough out while what a win for Daniel. She's me Jared Cananea. Well done and on two weeks notice to boot. Let's just stop at one eighty five. You see those before and after pictures before and after pictures of Cananea at heavyweight, I think is the first one maybe even light heavyweight, but then the middle way looks dramatically different person. It's unbelievable. All right fun. I our in the books matter moments. We're going to be joined by the former heavyweight champion steep coach. I'm very curious to hear what he had to say or has to say about Saturday night. And what's next for him? I had heard that there was talk when they were searching for main event. For a minute there before they went with DC versus Lewis. I had heard that there was some talk of St. pavers Kane. But in the end that did not come to fruition. So when are we gonna see him back? We wanna see him back. Alexia Linic wants to fight him. But I'm sure he wants to fight for the belt as well. DC saying on Saturday night, if the Brooklyn fight doesn't come to fruition. It will probably be St. bay in his retirement fight that I'm assuming will be the best case scenario. For the heavyweight from Ohio the Croat. But I think everyone wants to know when he wants to return against two and what he thought of the whole situation on Saturday at Madison Square Garden. I know he was in New York before the fight. With some of New York's finest, the the F D N Y. And that's always an amazing thing. That's debate does still working as an active firefighter, still supporting the firefighters the first responders says a lot about who he is. After CPA we're going to be joined in studio by Israel out of Sonya back to back weeks. He was on last week prior to the fight against Derek Brunson. An amazing win for him one of the break-up performances on Saturday, but also breakout fighter of the year four no now debuted in February came back in April. Then the main event in July and Madison Square Garden. I mean that is just an absurd year for the last style bender and very rare that we can have someone in studio one week and then the next week pre win post win, and he was actually kind enough. He was supposed to fly out. I think either yesterday or this morning and actually extended his trip so that he could come in studio, and and talk about it all and then after that we'll be joined by Elliott, those ease and then suggest Eubanks we'll stop by to talk about her somewhat controversial win on Saturday. MS Square Garden over Roxanne on ferry. Okay. Without further ado, let's go back to this guy machine and say Hello to the former UC heavyweight champion, the one and only steep amyotrophic is on the show against how are you? It's good to talk to you. And congratulations to you and your family yesterday was a big day for you guys. Right. My daughter's back. Wow. How was that was awesome? Pretty tired day. Yeah. Is that is that like an emotional thing for you? I'm not I'm not bat was at Baptist or Catholic. Chris what does it Catholic? So I don't really know. I've never been to one of those. What is it like? Just bunch of family. Krizan and decide it's a it's a great day. Just you know, Starbucks sacraments. Where are we right now? Are we in your home? Yes. I like this little setup you got you got the two belts..

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