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In checked luggage. The order also permits cargo aircraft to transport lithium ion cells when charge to over thirty percent of capacity win packed in or contained in. Devices. This rule will strengthen safety for the travelling public by addressing unique challenges. That lithium batteries poses says, the US secretary of transportation, Elaine Chao, many airlines already require passengers to carry lithium battery powered devices in aircraft cabins not in the cargo. Hold and the rule is open for public comment for sixty days. He's a good one. You always talk about airline food sou-. Yes. Air China earn. Sorry Air Asia group chief executive Tony Fernandez believed so much in his airlines catered products that he's looking at opening a fast food restaurant based on its food service menu. Fernandez told US talk show host Larry King. He's planning a fast food restaurant serving the low cost carriers meals. I think our food is fantastic. He said we believe in it so much. We're going to start a fast food restaurant out of it. The concept called Santan will serve dishes for marriages flight menu, which is considered pretty much gourmet in-flight Dane Fernandez gave no indication of location or country, though that he had in mind for their new restaurant. I looked at their you look pretty tasty. We'll have to try that up. That's look at travel news for travel tips. Disinfect your airplane seat? That's something that in this time of the year. Everybody's out there. Sneezing coughing and. So I have a few hints for that get the wipes out the disinfectant wipes as soon as you board that way is after you put your luggage in the overhead bin doesn't matter. All the neighboring. Passengers are staring at you or not you're you can have a clean seats so packing. The wipes is only half the battle once you've boarded over come that aversion. Everybody looking at you. Get busy and start disinfecting. You can pretend that those are scares of envy at you're traveling prowess rather than the garden variety side. I look you cannot use the wipes on the seats the cloth and won't work. It'll make it worse. And then you'll have to sit in this damp area. So concentrate on what you can. And that is the surface hard surface of everything around. You is that what you referred to your baking show about soggy bottom could be. Dan. Yeah. But you want to do the armrest. You also want to do the back holder. That's on the back of the Bill that is one of the Germany's places, I mean, even worse than a toilet. You don't know what all has been touched in that area. And you're trying to avoid being sick on a trip. So make sure that that's what she do the back of the seat pocket protector. So they call it. Has been shown to have the highest concentrations of germs. I wanna add be mindful of your fellow passengers I was once on a TWA flight in first class during meal service when this woman changed her baby's diaper on the food tray rather than get up and go into the restroom that's first class. All right. Frequent flyer miles. But you do want to make sure to that you do your seat trae so get all those surfaces done and enjoy your trip and Germ-free, hopefully, I've got some of their menu.

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