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On your first order of $50 or more. A great bottle of wine is just a click away right now. At W. T s o com Use promo code Austin For $10 off Winds still sold out. That's wt s o com Kale, Dejanews time. 6 30 Good morning on Mark Caesar. President. Trump reportedly is ready to pardon General Michael Flynn. Sources with knowledge of the president's thinking have told Fox News he plans to pardon his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Lynn pleaded guilty in December 2017 to lying to the FBI about his contact with Russia. But he's been trying to withdraw that plea, saying prosecutors violated his rights and condom into a plea agreement. Lane's lawyer, Sydney Pel had asked the president not to issue a pardon. Instead, she's been wanting to try to get Flynn's case dismissed in Washington. Jill NATO fucks nearest. The CDC says the first Americans could start receiving the Corona virus vaccine by mid December. President Trump giving thanks to Frontline workers as a vaccine rollout could happen by mid December. During this Thanksgiving, we extend our eternal gratitude to the doctors, nurses, health care workers. And scientists who have waged the battle against the China virus, and we give thanks for the vaccines and therapies that will soon end the pandemic. The CDC director says. The vaccine rollout will go first to those who need it. Most. Boston Public Health wants students to stay at home after the Thanksgiving break. The thinking is, the cases will jump up following the break, so limiting student interaction on campus may help blunt the impact of it, Dr Jason Pickett says, Because cases really aren't spreading in the classroom, staying home with limit transmission among extracurriculars. We have recommended that schools remain virtual for the week after the Thanksgiving holiday. At least that they may reduce him that in person athletics Austin superintendents Definite was all day has been considering keeping kids at home to release December 4th and she is expected to make that decision public today. Patrick Osborne, NewsRadio Kale, BJ State Run Homeless camp in Southeast Austin is getting new, tiny homes Austin nonprofit. The other ones is teaming up with a Seattle based company to build them. Donald Montgomery lives in the camp, he tells Kay Oxy and the tiny homes are a huge upgrade from his tent. It preserves human dignity. It helps keep the mess down. It's just a very much a win win. I believe the plan is to construct 200 of the tiny homes. It's estimated that about 150 people currently live at that state camp. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and Mayor Steve Adler is asking you to stay home and celebrate with people you already live with. Rather than going out for friends and family people, whether around their friends and their family. They don't wear their masks down each other. They socialized as they figure eights, my friend and I could be carrying the virus. Not true. Adler says he believes there has been an increase in covert testing by people who want to drive out and see family. Adler says a negative covert test should not give you a free pass. 6 33, NOW at K. L. B. J. Let's check in on the K L B J forecast sunny skies. It'll be a pleasant day behind today and 74 clear skies tonight. And although it 40 from the weather Center, I'm Steve Williams. This segment brought to you by factory mattress factory mattresses going big for black Friday with Buy one Get one free mattresses starting at just $849, or free delivery with professional set up in removal on select mattress sets Factory mattress where we have sleep down to a science 50. Nine degrees Get Austin News on demand at news radio. Hey, LBJ. Com 6 34 Times, Jeffries and Don Prior. Yeah, you all right? I'm fine. Do I? Look, Do I look like something's wrong? You look just.

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