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That's 877 Melwood or go to melwood dot or g'kar. Good morning. It's 5, 18 traffic and weather together on the age and when it breaks Jack Taylor's and the W T O P Traffic center part will start on the Virginia side watching the cameras at the Roosevelt and the 14th Street Bridge. You'll find the Roosevelt Bridge lot of activity. Right now, you're gonna find the crews that are basically coming out of the rows. Roosevelt tunnels, setting up for the diversion for the inbound Roosevelt closures. The 14th Street Bridge right now center of the roadway tied off. You're gonna find that in preparation for closing. Single file left will get you buys you move anywhere north of Washington Boulevard. The right side of the roadway that's getting by is exclusively for those coming off the South bound George Washington Parkway to go inbound on the 14th Street Bridge again before 6 A.m.. We will lose access to the Douglas Bridge, the 11th Street Bridge this Susie Bridge, the Roosevelt Bridge, the 14th Street Bridge and the Memorial Bridge. Completely will be blocked off through the inauguration. Tomorrow, you will have opened the key Bridge and the Whitney Young Bridge. Just be aware gonna have some very odd traffic patterns, as all of these closures go into effect within the next 40 minutes. Quiet right now. Otherwise out in the area you're gonna find we've got some heavier traffic to deal with. It was early up that's actually dissipated. We've had a little heavy traffic on the Beltway because you're headed through Bethesda that has eased. We're looking for any delay that may build coming out of Frederick headed south on 2 to 70 all the way down toward Bethesda 75 up in Monrovia and your Baldwin Road may have an oversized truck. Where was you usually do is you right out toward the adventure park Now you find you're in pretty decent shape. Otherwise, as you ride through Virginia No big worries yet 95 66 to 4 95 stretches right around the Beltway itself. West Market Street is always closed in Leesburg overnight. It's the scheduled utility work between Loudon and South King streets again. They should lift it about seven o'clock this morning, Jack Taylor deputy T o p. Traffic and Let's check here with Lauren Records and get our day before Inauguration forecast they learned either. June. Yeah, we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds once again today, I think it's gonna be a touch warmer today than.

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