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All right. So the next letter is from Taylor last night withheld swift spliff te has that the high times parody of Taylor swift still joke for from the good place actually. So I guess I'll give them ten cents. So this Taylor has four questions. They're all sort of related. Number one. Why don't you talk about Teri Garr more often number two. What are your picks for Terry Garr best and worst movies. Number three, who was the best recurring guests on Letterman the eighties? That's a rhetorical question. It was Teri Garr them before is dance whole mildly depressed. Exasperated manager stick really just a brilliant long-form Amodu today, police performances, Dave Nelson NewsRadio. Thanks for the laughs Taylor. Okay. We got a lot of meat net sandwich, and Teri Garr is is I think a fishery retired. So that's one of the reasons we don't talk about her that much. She's great. I love her. She's wonderful. Somebody pull up her complete filmography so we can rate them from best to decided that her. I don't mean to say that as in she's only been in movies. I'm just saying they're all probably pretty good, decided her worst performances and Aloha Scooby doo. Oh, okay. Dan truth. Or dare you really see Aloha Scooby doo. I've never seen a lot Scooby doo. The truth comes out. This game is good. Everything. I've seen Teri Garr and she's been a delightful. So I had to look for something that I would assume was not. So I I think. watch movie with Teri Garr that I've seen the most is Mr. mom. Okay. A movie that for whatever reason is very important to me. That is a move as a father. Yeah, as as a real life. Mr. mom, that's one of the does make me it does make me view washing machines as a potential foe. That's why my clothes are always dirty. For her best movie. She's not the star of it. But if you're just looking at movies, I think our best movie is probably gotta be the conversation, which and she doesn't not with a with a with a supporting part in that and her worst performance is probably as a gar- or Gari oil, which is kind of a thin snout crocodilian native to like the subcontinent of India and whatever see them at the zoo. They're just laying about doing a lot of nothing and it looks super cool, so they should be doing fun stuff. There. They're those like long needle night likes snouts. Right, exactly. Yeah. Perfect. For digging into the body of dead. I don't know. Like. Elk. Yeah, yeah, probably. Yeah, like a reindeer. Maybe you know. Yeah, maybe. I can't let this go by without mentioning. Of course she was great and young Frankenstein. I don't know if I've seen that movie familiar fucking I don't know. Nine Stein. What are you talking about this Yahoo? Serious movie. Everyone. And also honorable mention. That was an easy way to get truth out of me. Dan without even asking me truth or dare. She's a relatively small part in after hours, which is also very good. Gonna mention after hours. I also liked that movie a lot, and I was like, what's the most stop making sense of all the movies that Teri Garr made after hours love after hours. It's like it captures something about nineteen eighties like the feel of I'm I wasn't in New York, but like I just feel like I know it based on that movie, it's just the the feel of so great is just one thing I don't like in that movie. It's on. He's on his way to the date and he takes out the one twenty dollar Bill in his pocket and decides to put it on the arm rest of the door inside the cab, and then it flies out the window and he's like, oh no, my money, it's like, why would you do that? Did take it out of your account. It put it back in your pocket. Like what are you doing? Come on. I actually have never seen after hours. So maybe I'll watch it. I think you like lots of fun movie. And as to whether my persona is a brilliant tribute to Dave from NewsRadio, let's just say sure. Okay..

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