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Objects that have been observed entering slash operating in the air space of various military control training ranges so that's the exact quote from the U. S. navy on why they use you a piece that's as far as I got them to go but that is the first time that I'm aware of where the US military went on the record and said this is how we define a U. A. P. because up until this last week there's been references to it but never definition so things are starting to get pried loose a little bit and and that's what's exciting to this because I did not expect those statements at all and yet there they came so it was it was a pretty exciting week for me is there anything else I can fall under that the umbrella of you a P. that would be an identified such as drones or some secret technology from China or Russia or our own maybe DARPA is testing stuff that would fall under U. A. P. yeah it's a great question and something that'll probably be pondered on for for quite some time by people like us and also those that are trying to explain what's going on that the skeptics of the bunkers of the world cannot be a foreign piece of technology absolutely but the Air Force I believe was the one that couple months ago gave a statement and I'm paraphrasing here but they essentially said we'd be very surprised if it was China or Russia or Iran or you know some other country eat with this technology so then the question is well if it's not foreign as a domestic so does the US navy not know that the United States Air Force is flying drones in and around their warships in battle ships and so on and so forth that's absolutely a possibility and that is a fascinating story all in itself if it were to be true and it's something that we would be it would be very difficult to prove that our own military one branch is testing its technology on a nother bran. definitely a possibility but one that would absolutely surprised me. part of it is keep in mind the tic tac incident happened help for quite a long time ago you know back in in two thousand four so from then until two thousand nineteen. and they're still going on the record saying we have no idea what this is that to me is is fairly interesting because if it was the U. S. Air Force let's create a hypothetical U. S. Air Force through drone or some kind of technology or or whatever it might be and they're testing it without the navy's knowledge you'd think from then until now they would essentially tell them what happened or they would be made aware of it or if it was a classified piece of information press officers and spokespeople are are cleared they are cleared to hear and see certain things let's be honest I mean sometimes they'll spend things also and and and not comment and refused to comment that happens and even happened to me with this story which I'm sure we'll get into as you as you push for details but that being said they are cleared to hear certain things so if they're cleared to hear it and it's classified and they hear in the navy they hear the airforce was the one that really because this entire thing for the USS Nimitz in the Princeton and so on then they would create our craft a statement around that that would still be accurate but wouldn't essentially give this whole or that it was on identified at least that's my opinion they would probably say were aware of what's going on however details are classified or details remain classified and leave it at that they do that all the time and yet they have it so for them to go on a record on the record for a case that old now that is that old but you know quite a few years ago now and still say we have absolutely no idea that's intriguing so there's a lot of explanations of what the U. A. P. phenomena could be but for that much time to have passed in the US navy it's still saying Hey we have no idea what this is that's something big in my opinion this is coast to coast AM our guest tonight John green wall he broke two stories this week when we come back after the break we'll get to story number two it's Saturday night I. costar mirrors to me church this is coast to coast AM..

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