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Desperate your valentine's day surplus all those although sweeties the did get sweeties relatons date algebra now you could give him abalata and now that's gone my tip check the expiration i can't believe that chocolate would expire he is going to always days gas it's got so many preservatives urged sweetener and not the dark chocolate well now you guys we're in the dark chocolate uh another body argue talking with readied a tree and you started right down that path van and a wag and now somebody he's had last i died two nights ago i guess they had the the new magnum ice cream you know them magnum bars i love magnum bars yes they have that they took the dark chocolate raspberry bar and made it into an ice cream and there's the it's got a layer as brand name or what is magnum yes all men if you don't know what a magnum bar you're is your really miss and you know me i'm not emerge very many more of the dark chocolate on the top and then there's dark chocolate down the sides the higher wife loves though is that all was she needs to try the ice cream woman is there is really good but you you crack the chocolate just like you do when you bite into the magnum barked orders so mayor how many hours to launch come on quarter don't know what difference between that in a dili bar from dq a daily bar does not have the same creamy ice cream that a man a magna male very rich ice cream and the chocolate around the.

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