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Longer be playing. People talk about a second wave of we really ever had the first way. You're right. York for sports fans, including our team at ESPN, 1000. We needed to answer questions about how long this would last. And how would things get back to normal? This is so many things that go through your head right? It's hard to know exactly what's right. Hopefully, this virus runs its course over the next 60 60 days or so and then at that point, we can start making decisions. About Does the MBA play games water schedule Looks like how we've progressed from there and let's follow the proper protocols and see how we get through this. The general managers who are making the pick are in a room and don't they phoned the pick into somebody who's in At the location of the draft. You play the season best you can and if we always look back and put an asterisk next to it, so be it. Ryan Pace calls that guy and tells him we're picking Mitch. Um, And can you turn in the car that tow us again? Please? Can you hear for example? Like how intense this sort of bubble lockdown is gonna be for these players? Okay, we're taking Leonard Floyd. Can you not use that example either? We're selecting Kevin White. All right, I'm done. Good night. Everybody s so what one of the G M's to draft a guy who's already been taken. I want that. I need that to happen. You know if they can get a good handle on it now and reopen and still get, you know everybody up and running when they're closer to actually coming back. I mean, the NHL still little ways from coming back. Let's face it, So does the MBA. Among the details in the MLB. Pia's new proposal Got that 70 game season from July 19th of September 30th year, so Sporting events or shut down million Zehr working from home. People are losing their jobs and the numbers of those affected by covert 19 continues to rise. March, April in May, and the whole rest of the year for that matter have been really trying times for sure. But in April, our ESPN family was dealt another blow, and I wanted to tell everybody who's been with us for the 13 plus years. Of this radio show. As you know, I have always been an open book, and I've always shared my life stories with everybody. We grew up together in a lot of ways for all the things that we've grown together, and they've mostly all In great great news, and unfortunately today, I don't have great news to pass along. What happened Wasps. About two months ago, I noticed lymph nodes in my neck that were sticking out. So waited about a month and these things never went down. So my doctor said we're gonna do a full panel of blood work. Every blood test came back. Great. My doctor wants me to get a biopsy done on the lymph nodes in my neck. But I didn't know what it was in for until I laid down in that chair and going through covert like we're going through. To be there without my wife is when it sort of hit me. They did an ultrasound on my my lymph node in my neck. They did the biopsy, and it was there where she sort of examined these larger lymph nodes. There were way bigger than they should be. The tears started rolling down my eyes and I said to myself, I think I've got cancer. And the cat scan came back and they got it immediately. And they called me And they said All the signs of the cat scan is that you have a form of lymphoma. And so sure enough, the biopsy came back and They said. You have non Hodgkin's lymphoma and what I've learned about non Hodgkin's lymphoma that you never knew about. We would sit here every July Waddle and we would talk about Jimmy Valvano Day. And we would tell our listeners, we would say. All you have to do is live your life and you know somebody who has dealt with cancer. It's touched every family. It's touched every family and we played with our listeners. Please give. Please give This is something that we've put up with far too long. We would play the Jimmy V speech. We would play Stuart, stop. You know, we would play all the different moving speeches from Robin Roberts and everybody and Craig Sager and you're thinking about J D and what his wife went through. And you're thinking about Freddy Human, er And what he went through and what Pat went through and you know, you just don't know. And since that time when I was diagnosed, but not knowing which form of non Hodgkin's lymphoma Um, I have gotten some good news here along the way. I am knock on wood, one of the luckier ones where they think this form that I have of non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Is the most common and it's the most curable. It's called large B cell lymphoma. So for that, I'm thankful the one reason why I want to tell everybody. This is because they have always been an open book and B because I want to talk about it. With our fans and our friends and on this show, and this special bond that we have with Tom Waddle with Jeff Miller and with Adam of Dollar, Because if I'm not able to share with my closest friends, then I'm going to be a complete rack. Thankfully, I've got a great support system. It worked. ESPN Chicago team rallied for Sylvie and Sylvie turned into a fund raiser. He and son Mason worked with our partners, obvious shirts to create Sylvie strong T shirts. Staff wore them on zoom calls from home. You wore them and took pictures of yourself in different places around the country. To date, Sylvie strong T shirts have raised more than $43,000. Go to cancer research through the V Foundation and proof that these shirts really worked and helped keep Sylvie truly strong through 2020. Take a listen to this. I obviously made the announcement public that I have not Hodgkin's lymphoma. You know me while I still have a show to do is still obits to talk about it. Get your bits in line, brother. Somebody, and I always love this, too, because I clicked on the guy's profile, and I'm not Facebook friends with him. But he like his vice president of the Salvation Army of Chicago, and he works for the American Cancer Society, and he wrote. He's an abomination of a host, but I hope he beats cancer. Know if that's a home our card. You suck. But don't die, please. And I responded to him. Was that supposed to make me feel better? Or you feel bad and let's top that one in October after months of treatment? Sylvie gave us this. I had my follow up appointment today and I've had a couple of second opinions with radiology. And they have confirmed that I am in full and complete remission..

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