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Not in this position. Ever this recent iteration of italy. They don't know yet what it is to be trailing especially trailing in a game of such magnitude so i started almost steak. Maybe they're maybe they're cooked. You know maybe they just don't know how to play from behind because it's been such a long time when they've been asked to do that and that's why i give mentioned any credit. Because he knew how to come back in this game. He knew how to turn the screws up on england and just pressed them and get possession. So i i give him credit for that. I do like i said the substitutions went. When i when i heard brian chris dante was coming on. I was like all right. I've never been huge. Fan of bernard eski bernardi. I liked locatelli. I've loved but i felt like they'd been signed by him by the returns. Are the changes in formation. That had happened particularly with the variety. Coming back into sight for a tally and he got an old of he got something out of them. We all talked about how how the bench was going to be. The difference. england would have a better bench than italy but as it turned out. Italy had guys who are tuned in to what needed to be done and could execute Do not andrew. It was a classic final. Wasn't really like not a classic. As in all my what a game but a classic Can you can you give your. I feel like this analysis is steamrolling towards some sort of ron manager analysis of all of what a classic final is. I wish i wish we had our drops the night. Football isn't it jumpers for goalposts five eighty five in the park. Oh watch out bowls gone into the hedge. No it was Football classic funnel cagey back and forth. Not much not much attack not much attack. Oh look collini. he's big. He's italian round the neck on sacco. Could it be red isn't it. That would be the wrong manager. Take on the game. But but but finals are so tense. There turgid terse. They're they're not terse that means they're short j stop using word you don't know anything about its late guys i'm not gonna like But but this was swear he you know belotti licking his lips before because his mouth was completely dry from dehydration from running around probably but also from nerves. This was vintage final And italy do. I want to say this want to do this to you to me. Marinas word heritage. This is this is the history of the england. Italy have that heritage. don't they. I mean all the win finals and all the win nocco games. Look the are what they are. England hadn't been in a final since nineteen sixty six like right. It is in fact the history of the england. And by the way italy stayed at tottenham training ground in the build up to this so some histories tottenham well now maybe be shamed forever. They maybe some of that historical juice. Rubs off on on tottenham one other one other guy wanted to mention here before we there a couple other things about this final. That don't really have to do with the game that i wanted to mention but it's interesting. Jj because gianluigi donna. Roma had nothing to do. Essentially from the second minute onward in this game like luke. Shaw had the attempt he scored and there wasn't much after that that brought the keeper into play for them. Pickford i pick for didn't have much to do. We have one great save when he went to his left but that was the first time. That was early. In the second-half you. I don't remember when it was in the second half fifties in the fifties. I think it was and it was the first time he went full length and he saved from kiiza. That was a very good attempt from key as a his classic digital code insight in whippy chateaux. Yeah but i. But i bring up donna romo just because you know he didn't do much for one hundred twenty minutes and you just watch him in penalties. Now i know he got fortunate. Obviously with the rash i miss. He went the wrong way. And that just hit off the butt of the post but god. He's an imposing figure in that neck. He's massive is enormous and he's also agile. Yeah you know big guys. We tend to not think of them in that way. He's also been around for so long that when you see it comes up. He's like twenty two. You're like what he's so young. He looks like he's thirty three. He's very very he's very very good. I had some bad takes on him. I've had some terrible takes on him. That i haven't shared on the podcast like i blamed him for the alpine crouches goal. Which made things nervous against austria where he stoops to headed and it flies up into the net. I blamed him for that. That was kind of unfair He's he's brilliant and he so comet penalties. Can you imagine the a walking toward him right. That's what i'm saying. That's why i use the word imposing mountain of a man in there. He's he's really quite him. And pickford went to kinda high five each other before. I was like those guys play the same position. It's not fair three unbelievable. What a what a crazy night. There is I won't light here. There's a lot of relief in ireland. Right now relief. This was one thing. I wanted to bring up and this kind of work us into the fan element of this so throughout this tournament. I you and i talk all the time. I've been listening to other podcasts. I reading reading things. I see things on twitter. I don't think. I ever grasped fully until the past week. Just how much england. Art despised outside of england. I think here in the united states were shielded from some of that. Because maybe i don't know if it's because of the premier league is so popular here that it almost bleeds into fans kind of holding england with a special spot in their heart. Maybe i mean it does. I was pretty critical to them last week on. The podcast put probably stands to reason really prejudice so he is so here in the us. I feel like you don't really get much of that But all the sudden. I feel like this. This has come a little bit out of the woodwork. Because england are now going places that we haven't seen them go in decades and so it's brought out like the english hate from a lot of fans out there that i didn't i didn't know really existed in from you. I always know that you root against them. I always knew that. But i feel like you. You turn it up a notch in the last two weeks yet because we were facing the the appalling vista of england winning something because all my take us through. So i'm not saying you're wrong for feeling this way. I have plenty of teams that i passionately against so i get it. But that's not sports fans do this. Can you just tell us where this is generated from. And it's it's probably multifaceted. I think the first thing is that we in art and and scotland and wiz have english based media free to air channels. So we have bbc tv channel four and we have all we've grown up. When the tabloids mattered we had all the english tabloid only english. Tv show is old english new shows and there was always this sense of england being positioned as center of the universe as almost still this powerful empire and they were the only thing were talking about and there was.

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