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Robert, you're going to have to get rose. Ryan Douglas, Jeff Han gather up the troops that by the way is a principal and a superintendent in swats creek community school in Michigan. That's how they put it out. Oh, wow. That's pretty inventive. Yeah. There are a bunch of them. If you go online, and you look for singing school closings it is catching on across the country. The superintendents are getting tired of just announcing it's another starting to sing it some of them can really sing to like those guys. Yes. I wonder if anybody's wrapping it like Lin Manuel Miranda. Yes, I saw a couple of them that they were doing rap feel free. Go for it. All right. I'll try to be creative. What are the things? I thought was kind of funny with the closings. The the skating rink closed the doors skating ring, the irony of that is. And then the there's a little ski lift area where you can go skiing in and around the fifth. Right. Even realized there was one, but that's close to it's so cold. But it's so cold. You can't go ski if you want to or skate if you want to but the guys are out picking up the trash, maybe they're they're they're on the bubble. They were saying that they might decide to. Delay their pickups. We'll see what happens. Anyway, what are you working on tonight? Besides the weather, what are you talking about? What were we talking about Mike Kelley, it looks as though the Democrats see congressman Kelly seat as being somewhat vulnerable is it possible that someone in a district like his could be targeted for two thousand twenty depending upon alternately? I guess who's topping the ticket for the Democrats. But we'll talk about that a little bit. We're also gonna talk about ten hills and the school district, and what that school board then did to the people the school the students the current board, and they're running up almost a million dollars a month. In a Bill debts where they just can't pay. They built this beautiful facility. But with no real way of being able to finance it moving forward. Apparently, they thought when they build it, and they will come they met somebody meant the money to, but we're gonna talk about that later on this evening as well. They absolutely horrible mismanagement government funds. Other what did officials, you know, Robert back to the weather and from a standpoint of getting out in it, and that kind of thing I had a boss years ago. Save don't say don't tell people don't go out because people are adults and they make their own decisions. You just tell them what the conditions are. And let them make their own decisions, and who really gets upset about this or restaurants and places who depend on people coming out, right? No, I get that. I I completely get that. I remember hearing that from the golf courses, you know, when you were give the forecast would lean toward the rain. What couldn't you lean toward the sun? Play golf. Yeah. Actually. Good point. I think it's interesting that the warming centers, although they're going to be open a little bit later today. What are they doing for the people who have no place to go at night like somehow, it's going to get colder? And then they're going to be better off during the night. Presumption that they will be somehow they've even during the day. But no warming center in the overnight. I don't quite understand that I wondered about that too. When I thought that close like at nine o'clock or something like that. So yeah. But what's the what happens at nine thirty? That's actually a great question that you're gonna answer tonight. Six and ten. Thanks, guys. Thanks, Robert Mann, Gino honor disc institute of Pittsburgh Newsline..

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