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Up today and get. Did you sign up bonus of up to fifty dollars so miles you were out yesterday when the raiders spoke and Richie Incognito spoke about his return what kind of fiber you getting from the raiders about his return. How excited is Jon Gruden specifically about him getting back on this online yeah I think that they are pretty excited to have him back. I it's interesting because Jordan Debbie did not play poorly at left guard while Richie incognito needed was out but at the same time you want your pro bowl left guard to be back. It was interesting talking to Richie Incognito. Yesterday I think I just from the standpoint he is somebody that has obviously gone through a wad of off the field issues and you can look at his summer of twenty eighteen and that'll tell you like there was some wild things join on their but I think now what he was saying in the locker room yesterday's they he feels like it's good to have everything behind and he's excited to attack what's next in his eyes are only looking forward and so from that standpoint yeah it's great to have him back and I think that really really their biggest goal is going to be candy integrate him back into offense seamlessly especially when you're going up against the Minnesota Likings defense that is extremely good and they're gonna be even better playing at US Bank stadium which I don't know if you guys have ever been there but that place is really you really loud. It's tough really tough offenses to communicate. Are they still killing birds up there all the time. I don't know that's a good question. I it's so I have been to that stadium a couple of times once in the preseason in two thousand sixteen I think when are just open and then in two thousand seventeen the rams played of the Vikings of bear in the I'll tell you what man like it is so loud. It's one of those places we're because the press box is open. You can't necessarily hear yourself think saw oh like as a journalist like that's kind of weird but as a player it's even harder because you can't really communicate the way you're not used to doing it so it's very hostile environment for all offenses players you but who cares what about the. Wi Fi the wifi works the Wifi is yeah yeah. I know well. I mean inside baseball began the first couple of times he'd been in the Oakland Coliseum this year. The WIFI really hasn't worked so that's been a real hardship for us. Everybody feel bad bad for US Hashtag. I should be clearly killing. Birds was not like some ritualistic sacrifice going on in Minnesota not a ritualistic Viking sacrificed. No it's a they made it to stay very bright. no stadium in the birds were trying to land on his flying right into it. It was a disaster at the beginning but I'm not I think they did something to try to fix it so hopefully bird graveyard hanging out there. I have a report here that says February I twenty eighteen that forty eighty two birds on average per season have died heading into Minneapolis as deadliest building yeah yeah so that's a pretty crazy stat and the raiders are putting the same kind of out outdoor mirroring on their stadium so let's hope that doesn't your if you roof roof they will they've got it. They're going to have it in the stadium allegiant stadium. I should say and it also it's so fi stadium in Los Angeles so we'll see it turns out birds. I pray for the birds but let's talk a little bit more about this old line as of this week when it started out on Monday. We're getting reports. Ports like Gabe Jackson could be on his way back a right guard here for the raiders how Kiewit his return to this offensive line. It's going to be huge. You know when they when they get them back. It's it's going to be really really good for them and I think just in terms of seeing the line that they thought that they had constructed. I mean last year was a real weak spot for them. out on the offensive line and they did so much invested so much in the line they brought in in new pieces. Obviously they paid brown a lot of money. they've got you know. Richie incognito in who they were hoping would turn back the clock a little bit they thought that they'd get a whole lot of improvement of cult Miller which they have I mean he's been much much better than he was last year but you know putting all these pieces together and finding out exactly where they were and then all of a sudden you losing cognitive for the Games you lose gave Jackson to injury once he gets back and you can start to see the line that they wanted to have built a that they put money into constructing that is going to I think it's GonNa Change Dynamic of the team but it's also going to tell the team exactly where they stand from an offensive line perspective attractive and and I think that's a lot of what this season is about to but they wanna see those guys work together. They want to see Brown and Jackson Rodney Hudson kind of work together on that side and see what they can do for Josh Jacobs Upfront so I think it's going to be a big step forward like it's not it's not gonNA. Change my outlook of where this team is going to be at the end of the year but I think that they absolutely want to see how that unit functions together and they've been able to do that and miles for you as we look at what's going on outside in the NFL. There's a lot of talk about Jalen Ramsey. jalen Ramsey has been asking for trade the raiders keep coming up in outside kind of rumors and things swirling about about what would it take for the raiders to get Jalen Ramsey on this team and do you think it's something that the team is actually looking to do. I think you have to be you have to explore it right. This is a guy who has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league since he entered the league and you know he even said that he has interest in playing in Las Vegas You didn't necessarily say he wants to play for the raiders. He said he wants to play in Vegas because there's no state income tax. They are which community that's a smart business. Move I suppose but I think from Saint Win of the fact that the raiders have more than one first round pick on the have the bears first round picking their own first round pick heading into twenty twenty in the draft their day could use that draft capital and Gocha Jalen title Ramsey if they wanted to now the other thing that you have to probably do is negotiate contract extension because you're not you don't want to treat a first round pick for for somebody. WHO's just GONNA Walk Right. You have to be able to Siamak guy to a contract extension so I think it's something that they definitely are exploring. All reports have been that in I. I think that it makes a lot of sense for them to explore it. Will they actually get it done. I don't necessarily know if the Jacksonville Jaguars. Why do you WANNA trade somebody to Jalen Ramsey to somebody. Who still in the conference? I don't know that you would necessarily want to do that but you you might non depending on if the price is right so. I think it depends on a whole lot of factors whether or not the reas could actually get something like this done but I think that if they really were motivated to the he could I mean if you get two first round picks that would explain why you would and that's what the theoretically the asking price right now is to first round picks for Jalen Ramsey now now I think what you'd have to deal with and I don't think the raiders care about backlash in those sorts of things but essentially you wouldn't keep Khalil Mack and signed him to an extension but you're gonNA assigned Jalen Ramsey Ramsey too what will be a similar extension and then just give the picks back that you acquired for Khalil Mack. You're kind of just right back where you started in a sense now. Jalen Ramsey is a guy that changes the complexion of a franchise the guy that you can just lock down on one side of the field and use the rest of the ten guys to cover everybody else. he is an elite talent he also has had issues in Jacksonville and listen in this latest one. I blame Doug Doug marrone. I blame Doug marrone grown for a lot of it. I've experienced the full you know. Doug Marrone Hato roller coaster ride up in Buffalo Bills Fan yes and I I would if there's a there's a problem between those two. I know who I put the blame on but at the same time you know that he has been disruptive at at certain times throughout his career so is that the kind of guy you want to bring your locker room. I would say absolutely yes because of how well he can play but you're right. It's another. He has another year in his contract. They the exercise that option that thirteen seven for next year after that is an unrestricted free agents. You'RE GONNA trade for him. It's also going to require extension and it's going to be a massive extension for Jalen Ramsey so there's lots of way. Does he make you a much better team this year. I don't know I don't know how many wins can help add but if you're looking at two three years from now when you're looking to compete he is he's a franchise changing type of player so that's what you have to weigh when you start looking at him and again as you mentioned he he throughout. Vegas on a podcast Rod cast like the Plane Vegas. The tax structure is going to be very nice so there certainly could be some interest there. I just don't know if they're going to give up. Two first round picks to do it. If that remains the asking price yeah I think you would at least have to do one first round pick miles. I like how you're getting to know Adam yeah because you said former bills fan so it's a little over month and you the guy already let's get into this game breakdown of the Vikings and the raiders the raiders again visiting US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis and right right now when you look at this matchup. I think we could be something that's problematic for the raiders is Dolphin Cook. The guy has been an absolute beast two hundred within sixty five rushing yards as of right now three touchdowns. I mean he is somebody that could really chew up the clock. He could chew up the time of Possession Listen I. I think that he's one of those guys as a running back. That's difficult to to stop what do you make of the raiders defense and taking on the Minnesota Soda Vikings and particularly in Dolphin Cook Miles well. I think that Delvin Cook is going to be a problem. The what's interesting though right now it's kind of strength on strength last week you saw the the raiders held the Kansas City chiefs really any washing guards right in day weren't getting anything whether was Damian Williams Shawn McCoy. Did it a really really good job of just stopping the run and you know didn't Patrick Mahomes Patrick mahomes things but at the same time I mean look the rid of excuse me the chiefs in score any points in the second half and while guests near the British right but I think if you're looking at Minnesota you have to start with stopping the run and then maybe after that so you can get to kirk cousins and cousin's tendency to make mistakes now when Kirk cousins is hot he is hot and streaky and he can make really really good throws in. He's got two very good wide receivers in Adam dealing and Stefan digs. You can catch the ball and then also great tight end..

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