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Eight weeks for rebate listening to the AP digital news network after being clouded by corruption investigations against him. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's called for early elections for April setting the stage for three month campaign, riding, high in the polls Netanyahu appears all but certain to win a fourth consecutive term and place in history as the country's longest serving prime minister, those prospects could still be derailed by a decision by the country's attorney general on whether to file charges against Netanyahu. However Netanyahu made scant mention of the bribery and breach of trust charges in the three different cases in announcing the April ninth election. It's a question. Well, not many are asking, but a few researchers in Canada to want to know, how do you measure chickens happiness is it in the way it runs for food. How much? Time. It spends preening to size up. What might make chickens happy? They're putting sixteen breathes through some tests watching how well birds scramble over a barrier for food. How skittish they seem and whether they play with a fake worm. They say playing with a fake worm may be a sign of happiness. The researchers say it's an example of looking beyond how to minimize suffering to exploring whether animals can also enjoy their brief lives. Such ideas underscore, the broader lack of consensus around chicken, welfare animal welfare advocates think today's chickens have been bred to have massive breasts that harm their health and that the industry needs to. Switch breeds not just treat chickens better. Third party sales of puppies and kittens are being banned in Britain, the UK's animal welfare Minister, David Rutley said the band's part of a commitment to make sure pets get the right start in life. The decision follows widespread support for cracking down on puppy farms and making it harder for unscrupulous dealers that disregard animal welfare under the new measure people, wishing to adopt a puppy or kitten would have to deal directly with a breeder or rehoming centre rather than pet shops.

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