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Now these story today was the was the recommendation that the state get rid of rhode island's state district court judge rafael ovallis on a whole host of infractions forty one different occasions they found judicial panel had been looking into him they found forty one different infractions people said he's nasty to them he makes mistakes he's all over the place how did this guy ever get to be a judge to begin with well let's as somebody who knows about these things former rhode island chief supreme court justice frank williams is on the line good morning to money judge hi jean good to be with you again judge i know that you are concerned that the judiciary doesn't look very good yes i am this is a really a sad day for uh a judge to be found in violation of over thirty um charges and specifications and that a recommendation for removal to wasser plane caught it is a recommendation the supreme court has the final say you expect it the follow follow suit the stopservice say they're going to go along with this recommendation will be hard it would be difficult to deny the hard work with this panel that that sat and listen to testimony for almost a year yep and i n gave up caro two hundred forty four page recommendation and report uh and they it's it's with at least it was open to the public there's transparency here the report is public public hearings uh were were open you you went to at least one of them i know i did and um i think i think the public should know that it's their interest that the panel and that they can in no cue to show ethics requires that that things be followed for the benefit and i just want to give it give me a second to read the the next to lash paragraph before the recommendation which i think tells it all as to what the purpose of this whole exercise is go ahead the integrity of the rhode island judicial system is paramount criminal defendants victims witnesses mrs civil litigants the state an attorney should not be left to question whether they receive fair treatment at the.

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