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Focused on health equity DC mayor Muriel Bowser and we have been long before this pandemic the agreements reached would result in a hundred and thirty six bed hospital at St Elizabeths east in ward eight to open in twenty twenty four pending council approval and a two hundred and twenty five bit Howard University hospital on Georgia Avenue in ward one hopefully to be completed by twenty twenty six John Aaron WTOP news Maryland's governor is pushing back on reports that only a few of the five hundred thousand covert nineteen test recently flown in from South Korea have been used on unspecified number of coronavirus test kits from South Korea have already been delivered to Maryland's eastern shore according to governor Larry Hogan we have a whole tree operate on eastern shore we have thousands of those fast over there now Purdue stadium in Salisbury Wicomico county health officials working to get the new testing center up and running said they didn't have specifics on how many tests were on hand and how many of those had come from South Korea Hogan speaking to Washington post live pushed back against the post own report from Wednesday that indicated view of the five hundred thousand test flown from South Korea at a cost of more than nine million dollars and actually been put to use Hogan said the test will be used as part of the mandatory screening program at all of the state's nursing homes we're doing that with those Korean test that we're just talking about Kate Ryan WTOP news experts say until there's a vaccine or a cure for covert nineteen the only way to prevent surges of new cases is to track down every person who's been exposed and persuade them to self isolate that is going to take a huge new work force we all need to be ready to participate and in case investigation contact tracing help each other out help our health departments with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health doctor Emily Gurley says at least a hundred thousand people need to be hired and trained to do contact tracing many people are out of work right now so there I would guess a pool of applicants there and she says during times of crisis there are people who want to get involved who really want to get engaged in and do something Kristy king WTOP news there are now more than nineteen hundred new confirmed cases of corona virus in DC Maryland and Virginia over the past twenty four hours nearly nine hundred new cases in Maryland more than eight hundred eighty new cases in Virginia more than two hundred in DC since the outbreak began Maryland is now recorded more than twenty one thousand seven hundred coronavirus cases Virginia more than fifteen thousand eight hundred confirmed and in DC more than forty three hundred cases about eighteen hundred people have died in DC Maryland and Virginia businesses are finding a unique way to stay afloat right now several unique ways in fact but they're also having to focus on the future and prepare for a new normal group in Alexandria is helping with the big proposal that we made was to establish a grant program that's really focused on reopening and restarting and that's what the Alexandria economic development partnership is working on now one of the areas of interest is small business recovery Stephanie Landrum heads the group which is a public private partnership with Alexandria she says businesses need to be prepared to make investments in new technology and different physical work spaces we'll be looking at two to three million dollars for this grant program intensity thousands of applications with grants starting to go out next month the Connolly WTOP news up next the intelligence agencies explore theory put out by president trump on where the corona virus outbreak started we'll talk to WTOP national security correspondent JJ green six oh seven right now Blue Cross and blue shield companies are supporting the heroic efforts of our healthcare partners on the frontline of this unprecedented fight helping doctors and hospitals.

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