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And let's go to robert in san antonio texas hello robert yes sir denis so what is your suggestion in light of all the bad that takes place you don't think how can we have good people is the most important question what is more important than what's more important people learned over time by observing the outcome of their behavior if their behavior is such that it produces a bad outcome or suffering suffering then they they're alert conscious thinking rational individuals stable change their behavior because of the outcomes of their bad behavior that's the way the word so i don't want to call it karma because karma implies punishment and i don't believe got punished punish anybody is a group well you don't believe you don't believe in you don't believe in a just god oh no wait wait wait why don't you drop my word i said you don't believe in a just god oh i i believe in a just don't god doesn't punish then he's not just well god does not just because he's given us very well and and if you and if we use the three will to do evily punishes that's what a just god does just god rewards and punishes i don't believe the world works that way lee relevant all i don't care what you believe i just want to make clear i never argue almost never argue with callers i just wanna make it clear you don't believe in a just god.

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