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However many of them are actually based out of india or other developing nations or newly industrialized nations that being said what's very interesting as many of the articles being published from them are actually coming from uppermiddle income or higherincome countries now is not because people in upper and hiring come countries won't to just publish something all all they being deceived by this machine and they think they are receiving proper scientific treatment but then not for shykent directly answer that i can only speculate what the motivations are for people who are submitting think there are some people being deceived that's really goes under the why did your has called predatory they're looking for pray and their prey or unfortunate scientists who are unaware of where they are actually sending their particular work i think there's another group of folks who may be are trying to pad their cds the way people are advanced through academic circles is through the quantity of papers that you publish if you have many papers published that looks very good on a tv as you're applying for promotion those people aside while the people that think they are sending their signs to someone legitimate are they being and how are they being deceived predatory journal's actually have names that are very similar to legitimate journals so for instance the flagship journal of the american heart association is circulation there is a number predatory journal's with very similar titles so for researchers who aren't very familiar with the fielding might actually be thinking they are actually submitting to circulation when they are not that power from taking a few donors here and there off of people who are jeep why is this a problem in what way could this do com so there is some work that is definitely a been legitimately done we think that's been publishing news journal's but i also think there is another category of people who are publishing really what's fake science.

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