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Work visit sheriff dot org slash I heart that's S. H. R. M. dot org slash I heart severe weather today across the interior northeast a risk of strong thunderstorms exists from Vermont south and west to New York state and across Pennsylvania and through the interior minute Latika risk of severe storms for cities including Philadelphia Albany New York in Burlington Vermont highs in the seventies and eighties for the northeast lots of eighties across Virginia down south through Atlanta and across the Carolinas rain today for the Ohio valley with rain for the Tennessee valley as well rainy today across the southeast from Miami north to Jacksonville Florida Atlanta sees rain today and rain to the Carolinas and Virginia most of the nation will be dry today for the upper Midwest some sun sunshine for the plains states a few showers in the central Rockies quite warm in Denver today near eighty five seventy five for Billings Montana very warm out west today eighties from Portland Oregon south to Sacramento California Los Angeles today partly to mostly sunny skies the high seventy five that's your national weather forecast Mike Ellis NBC news radio it's nine ten demographic use terrorism to the W. I. D. twenty four hour traffic center for more details good morning Jimmy the heaviest elites continue to be dolphin eastbound approaching ninety five there's a crash there is police activity that has the road shut down also seen heavily Sheila north bound both approaching killing any of the snapper creek as well this report is sponsored by express pros dot com in Broward county we continue to see a smooth ride though crash free moving at speeds need to manage a changing workforce it's time to get to know express.

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