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Chief's New England eight straight conference championship game extending their own league-record chiefs burst conference champ. Chip since nineteen Ninety-three their coach Andy Reid. Change. Of course. Ago feel different right here. Exactly. The same. It's a it's a. It's football. When you come down to it. And I understand the. The magnitude of significance of it. I understand all that. I respect that. Again. We've got to get ourselves ready to play. That's a reality of it. We don't get caught up in all of this. And that's our responsibility and jobs to do that pats had lost three straight conference title games on the road. Tedy Bruschi on a what the home team needs to make it four straits. They've got to be strong in the script. So if I were to flip the flip to page here if the defensive goal is to survive the script their script has to work, and they have to get out within the first two drives. I'd say ten points you do that. And defensively Chris Jones, the defense maybe gets a three and out 'cause at three and out in this game. I still believe is going to be like a turnover because it turns out, maybe the weather is going to be the high twenty s that's okay. I don't think my home's is going to be bothered by that. Because what the New England Patriots are going to do is they're going to try to control. Okay. The New England Patriots will try to control the chiefs will try to captivate Tom Brady one and two career in Kansas City, one in two thousand four lost and five as well. As twenty fourteen heat is coach Bill bell, check obscene at all. But still fuel nerves in games like these nervous little bit little bit more. So during the week, then then probably leading up to the game for more like Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday says you're preparing and trying to get into it to know the other team, I feel like the more the more prepared to less nervous. I get because that can kind of expect. You know, how things are going to go a little bit more. If I have a little more information on the team. So. More for my watch less nervous. I get the ball is kicked off not too many nervous. Sure. You want to go out there, and do well, there's an anxiety all have things in the game that we have to do perform well not layer team down because everybody's on your new year. John do there's you don't worry about it. She's worried about. Doing what you can do. And make sure you don't screw up. What you're supposed to do responsible.

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