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Weekend, sir. You too. All right. Hey, I want to get to a clip really quick, something as we remember the 9 11 attacks that day. While flight 93 was flying and hovering over Pennsylvania. Heather Penney at the time was an air Force F 16 pilot and one of her orders and I didn't know this up until recently. What you know we've heard about. You know these F 16 fighter pilots were given orders to shoot down passenger airplanes if they didn't abide by Orders. But I didn't know that some of these f 16 pilots like Heather Penney was ordered because they couldn't get the bombs on these planes in time to shoot them down. They were ordered to do a suicide mission. We did not have missiles. We were on a suicide mission. And in order to be able to take any airline or down. SAS would ran his aircraft into the cockpit. We're the terrorists were to destroy the flight controls. And I would take the tail. By targeting both ends of the aircraft. It was our plan. To prevent it from any additional casualties. And how did that you know when that dawns on you that That maybe you're called. Does it register? You processing that, or you're just thinking, okay, This is the missions in hand and we need to operate accordingly. Anyone who had seen the footage of and the videos of what had happened to get out of here knew what needed to be time. And I had raised my hand and sworn an oath to protect and defend our nation. What was going through my mind was that if this was where the universe had placed me at this point in time, that this was my purpose, anyone who had been in our position Would've been willing to do the same thing, and the proof is in the pudding because the passengers on flight 93 did pretty special people right there. Former Air Force fighter pilot F. 16. Fighter pilot Heather Penney, who at the time of 9 11 was ordered to if she had to do a suicide mission and crash your plane into flight 93 7 45 use radio 6 10 w T V N Sports This Buckeye Football, updated service in mid state basement systems and clouds roofing another practice day for the Buckeyes, who played their home opener Saturday against Oregon. Ducks coach Mario Crystal ball, saying yesterday that his star defensive player pass rusher Cavon Thibodeau is still day to day after suffering an ankle sprain last week. You know questionable for Saturday. Still no word from Ohio State on the status of defensive backs seven banks in Cam Brown, who missed the opener, but both were seen wrapping up practice yesterday. Same story for safety jobs, Proctor Who left the Minnesota game early with his shoulder injury will be talking Buckeyes, Oregon with you tonight, Join us for Bucks line. We're on the air from 6 to 8. The NFL season kicks off tonight with defending champion Tampa Bay hosting Dallas. Veteran NFL DB and former Buckeye Bradley Roby is on the movie was traded yesterday from Houston and New Orleans. He becomes the sixth Ohio State product. On the Saints roster and the third in their secondary joining. DB Marshawn Lattimore and safety Malcolm Jenkins. Baseball. The Reds of 41 loser in 10 Innings to the Cubs, allowing a three run walk off homer to Chicago's Jason Heyward. San Diego one, So the regional a game back in the final wild card spot, Indians get shut out on just one hit by Minnesota, losing three Nothing And the Clippers also lost 5 to 2 Gwinnett and the Buckeye basketball schedule is out the opener November 9th against accurate to Big 10 games in December, the fifth at Penn State, the 11th at home against Wisconsin from the central Ohio. Hannah Sports Stats. Matt McCoy use radio 6 10 W T. V and All right. Thank you, Matt into the newsroom now with Allison Wyatt. Alison, What are you working out for eight o'clock? Well, Columbus residents are about ready to be under a new face mask mandate. United Airlines is issuing some new covid 19 warnings for their own employees report on the first time claims for unemployment benefits in the last month.

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