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45 on WTO P. Morning June 23rd, indeed sports time at two 45, once again, rob woodwork this morning. On a terrible night to try and play baseball, it was a perfect night for one oriole at Camden yards. Slider driven toward left center field, long chase for Thomas. He's not gonna get it. It's down in bouncing off the wall. Headed home is Nevin. Headed home is Matteo and stopping at second hitting for the cycle is Austin Hayes. And they're going crazy. Here at Camden yards, those remaining. Yeah, Dave jagler on 1500 a.m. with the call of the 6th cycle in Orioles history, Austin Hayes four for four night sparked a 7, nothing owes win over the nationals in a game twice interrupted by The Rain before finally being called off after 6 innings. Patrick Corbin gave up three of Hayes hits among the 7 he allowed to lose his four inning start in game four of the Stanley Cup final Tampa Bay lost on home ice for only the second time this postseason falling to Colorado three to two in overtime on nazem kadri's goal, Washington commander's coach Ron Rivera tweeted a response to the day's proceedings on Capitol Hill, pointing how the culture has changed since he took over in 2020 on a more somber note, long time Washington defensive back brig Owen, second only to Daryl green on the franchise's all time interceptions list and a team captain on the 1972 Super Bowl team has died at the age of 79, the Baltimore Ravens announced the death of beloved member of the iconic 2000 Super Bowl team Tony siragusa at age 55 in fourth year linebacker Jalen Ferguson died at just 26 years old. Rob woodfork sports. Thanks, rob, as always, two 46 on WTO three. Among the top stories we were looking at for you, this 2 a.m. hour Thursday morning June 23rd, on WTO, the weather. Heavy rain and high winds pushed north to south across our area last night, leaving a lot of down trees and power outages. At last check 26,000 homes and businesses in Northern Virginia are in the dark

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