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The name gene inside the jewelry store. I think it's just 9th and 9th Book of music. Do you know? So these you? Oh, So you know the place. They buy flowers from you sometimes. Yeah. Well, Dave, they said they haven't They haven't seen you for a while, they said. I mean around. Well, okay. Hi. You guys better work it out. That's all I can say. Uh, Dave, the flower guy. He's the man you see around town, he most lawns. He sells flowers. He drives old tractor with a trailer and he's a hardworking guy, and he's the one who we Decided. About 25 years ago, we decided Dave would select boner of the week because Because we didn't want to do it. We we? We didn't feel qualified. So, Dave, we only have four candidates this week. Are, you know? Are you ready? Yeah, man. Okay, number one from Tuesday. There is no functioning intelligence at work here. That's Larry Elder. Larry Elder, who's, uh, trying to run for governor of California and the recall election, who made an appearance on the radio and claimed that The former the descendants of former slave owners. Are the ones who should receive reparations of some kind from the government money from the government, because, uh, ending slavery also meant that they had their property taken away from them. Boehner, candidate number two from Wednesday. I can't fathom why anyone It's Alex Jones and I just can't fathom why anyone Would listen to Alex Jones rant on and on about Joe Rogan and and I ever met in and and I would say, Go online.

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