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Check both grew up is defensive coaches, but I would say towards the middle part of parcels run with the giants. He had as much influence on the offenses. He did with the defense. And certainly check almost in the beginning of the Brady era has had his hand in that offense. And it's bell. Check that meets every Tuesday with Brady to go over the offensive game plan. So I'm sure Josh mcdaniels as part of that. But it's been a constant all the years in New England Brady and Belle check meeting. So I like the idea of the coach being the CEO and running the whole team and being the head coach for the whole team. Certainly again, his specialties quarterbacks and he's got Peyton Manning on his resume and people making a big deal about that. I'll paint through fifty five touchdown passes with Adam gazes is coordinated. Okay. So maybe it would have had fifty three. It was a different coordinator you'd like to see a little bit more than got Jay Cutler to play a little better Ryan tannehill. He didn't have much to work with in Miami. And guy guys always hurt. So Adam geishas career now will be judged on. What he does was Sam darnold and Mike the cabinet mcalinden. Stay as the jets general manager will be defined by what happens with Sam darnold. Maximize on the fan. Gary myers. Jody mcdonald. We gave you our opinion on the jets new head coach and a higher and the trappings that go with it. We will get a another opinion on someone who knows the National Football League inside. Now, we'll get her thoughts on the two games to be played tomorrow. The AFC NFC championship game. Judy Batista per minute dot com. Going to hop on an early guest, and then we'll get the phones..

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