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Nascar has made a commendable effort recently in the world of gaming in sports betting capitalizing on the popularity of e sports and APPS like draft kings and fan duel. Recently, NASCAR partnered with bet MGM for a multi year betting partnership and Marlins Kurt Becker was given the opportunity to chat with NASCAR's managing director of Gaming Scott Warfield about their newest venture and more. Though bet mgm when the announcement came out last last week how excited were you and the Gang Nascar about this partnership? Was it tough to keep it quiet until the appropriate time? It was We've been talking to the fine folks at MGM for more than a longer than I would like to admit dating back to twenty nineteen maybe even the end of two, thousand eighteen as we ventured into the space for the first time after the supreme. Court struck down pass in May of two thousand, eighteen all the leaks have been looking at. you know partnerships in this space and for us the value of these partnerships like the one with vm card is. Getting the operators to be a little more active around NASCAR offering more bet types for our sport. Traditionally, our sport has been limited to. Trying to predict the race winner and trying to predict the series champion which for all the listeners out there the play Nascar fantasy live is frequently as I do it's really hard Even if you know the sport trying to predict a race winner, the amount of parody is is a very tough thing. So how we've tried to attack it is is trying to find partners like a national gaming mgm, both of which are now hbo authorize gaming operators, who are gonNA come in, and they're gonNA offer more bet tight. So things like. Stage winner top three, top five, top ten driver head-to-heads has been super popular. Driver groupings highest finishing manufacturer. Odd. Even car number race winner fun micro transaction opportunities for for fans to stay engage longer with the sport So long winded way of saying we were super excited. We have one of the largest operators now in in the world you know looking after our sport offering more bedtime promoting us around. This past weekend with the road course in Daytona. and and so it will be it'll be fun to see what we can do with them over the course next couple of years. You see this as a potential for developing new fans in the sport because you're talking about whole new ways for folks to have a reason, a even bigger reason to start paying attention to drivers and teams throughout the entire course of the year is that one of the objectives here? Maybe objective one you know I, think this represents a very unique opportunity for us to get younger and more diverse and to grow the pie again you know these are at times can be can be long events That eighteen to twenty four year olds we all know a handful of those at least You know they don't sometimes have the the ban with sit down for for four hours but they do they like to come in mid of and engage in unique ways whether it's social media. Now, sports betting and in one of the biggest trends were saying is something called in play or as I like to call it in race where you're now able to bet on things like. What's going to happen on third seven or who's going to win the next tennis point or in our case? WHO's GONNA. Win Stage to leave the next lab So you can imagine that we can change the way You know a casual fan may engage around our sport. At that takes less of an investment if that's a way to get someone in touching unsealing NASCAR than parlays into buying a race ticket. Watching the five hundred you know engaging.

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