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To think about with covert for months in protest for days what tomorrow is primary day and more on that coming up after traffic and weather on the too sweet begin with the roads in this eleven o'clock hour and say good evening again to Brian Ramona it's the things better certainly if you are heading into Philadelphia released around feel healthier because the oyster expressways for a good portion of the evening has re opened and all traffic is flowing again between this critical in nine ninety five now this Google expressway itself does have a closure east of really both directions between the Vine Street expressway in university Elaine block each way in the construction zone and just some minor delays making your way through that box remains closed no streets are available in that box in center city market in Walmart to the north and south river the river to the west and the east if you're heading into Bensalem on the Roosevelt Boulevard expected be stopped near old Lincoln highway as police are making sure that everybody out there has a reason to be up there for twenty west will slow round Reuters for due to construction and construction ninety five southbound only the right lane getting by between four fifty two and the Delaware state line on the Delaware River bridges a little delay on the Commodore berry did construction heading westbound we're seeing some slowing all on a forty two south and getting on the fifty five south bound that's all due to construction and construction on two ninety five northbound from Delsea drive up to forty two bass transit again with those changes no service in the center city but we expect scepter to re open service at six AM tomorrow when the curfew lifts in the K. one of the twenty four hour traffic center of Barcelona another five day forecasters NBC ten first alert meteorologist the sauce overnight not as chilly.

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