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What wait, why was it terrible? Because the offense is moving, and the defense is just all weird and you play on carpet. You got your little shoes on. I mean it just. I didn't like it at all. Greg you watch any air football fan. You Watch A. Little Bit. and. Honest. I'd Rather Watch reruns of NFL football. Wanted to read A. Short little field that it just. Kind of feel. Little. Wonka doesn't feel quite right. What not what college did you play for? Play for any now, not not the aggie become rich. Where you were you close one pro like NFL. Yeah, you know I had a manager Russell Beth at the time, and I was close but I never got that in by even though I made it to the Indianapolis Arenas. Or combine I didn't get that Inigo try out. And I landed in fell in with that crap. All you know if I gotTa do do this for another year. I'm done so then I went to. Feel. Crazy man, how how how hard is it to get in invite? Man was political. You know they're all. He's not the right height. Not the right size and I was like you know my pets given up from you know when I was a freshman all the way up. I figured they spoke louder. I mean it was super hard but I I said to myself I'll do him in Maine. I have my own digital, my left and right. Now. Dow Greg you're you're a TEX from Texas? How good is am the football team he played for. Will you play for commerce? Is that right? Yeah okay. So bad grades and I went to. Release.

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