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Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Pink red at 11 15. Let's check in with George Wallace. Alright, Michelle. We got a good 12 minute warning Falcons trying to hold on for their second win of the year. Leading Carolina 25 17 a missed extra points in the last touchdown from Todd Gurley and the is still just the one score game. Panthers have the ball. Teddy Bridgewater 14 1938 Yards left the game for a little bit of time after being hit as ah with a neck injury, But he did come back in P. J. Walker relief. Tim relieved him, but Bridge water back in the game. He's thrown a touchdown in Curtis Samuel Samuel, also with rushing TD on the night and the Panthers have the ball down. Eight need to score in two point conversion to try and force overtime down a level Trevor Laurence has tested positive for covert 19. The Clemson quarterback will miss the game against Boston College this weekend. His coach says he is doing fine, mild symptoms right now, but will not be able to play. Of course, Lawrence, the projected number one overall pick comes out next year and also the Heisman Trophy. Runner this year, but we'll miss this week's game with Boston College. Tony LaRussa back is the manager of the Chicago White Sox. At 76 years old. The Hall of Famer rejoins the franchise where he got his managerial career started more than four decades ago. He's won three World Series one with the A's then two more with the Cardinals most recently back in 2011, ESPN reporting a J. Hinch and the Tiger is very close to locking up a deal for him to become the manager of Detroit. He was the manager of the Astros, but suspended for this past season for his role in the signs. Stealing scandal. He was fired.

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