President Trump, FAA, President Pence Cameron discussed on Red Eye Radio


To make sure that there's peace, justice and quality in this country as opposed that are trying to hijack this moment again. President Trump can speak for himself and voters get to make an assessment of him and vice President Pence Cameron on CBS's face. The Nation plus more than 40 professional athletes signed a letter in solidarity with the investing US coalition demanding accountability for the Wisconsin police officer who shot Jacob Blake. The athletes, including former boxer Laila Ali, New Orleans line Acker, Demario Davis and former NFL player Doug Baldwin calling for real investments to end police, violence and gun violence. Meanwhile, three people are dead and a forth critically injured after a small plane crash Sunday, Federal investigators being sent to Coulter airport in Bryan, Texas, to begin looking into the cause of the crash, an FAA spokesman saying the single engine Piper went down in the airfield, which is city owned. The names of those on board have not been released. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating Fox's Krista Mayo America is listening to Fox News. From the fucking news Podcasts Network download and listen to Tyrus and Tim. I really believe it was the best choice for our show. I was kind of hoping for there's somebody else got in. I'm like, I can't do that impersonation you probably could. But we're now back in 1962. Where if you did that, you're a racist person and you'll be fired because you can't be an actor and betraying character.

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