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Mass shooting and Henry Pratt in Aurora city of Aurora spokesman Muhammed telling WGN TV the shooter's been apprehended. But the area is still on lockdown. Neutralized that situation police. Lockdown? We'll begin to build you back. Time this folder still on lockdown. It happened at six forty one Archer avenue or hearing multiple people have been shot. We don't have firm numbers. But we do know it is for police officers. Those officers are in stable condition. Witnesses tell ABC seven it was a man who worked at the building possibly in his thirties or forties who came inside with a pistol and a laser attached and started shooting. We're hearing there about thirty people inside when the shooting broke out around two fifty this afternoon swat teams in US marshals and the ATF are on the scene businesses in the area still on lockdown west Aurora school district. One twenty nine says, they are holding all district students in place for their safety. The White House says the president has been briefed and his monitoring the ongoing situation. WGN's Ryan burrow is at the scene. We'll bring you more information as we get it. And now WGN sports in Zona. Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you, Kim Addison. Russell says he's not proud of the person. He once was the person that. Has been inflicted. The most in this process is Melissa. And what I want to say to everyone here today. And also to her is that I want to own those actions, and I am sorry shortstop addressing the media today here in Mesa for the first time since being suspended forty games for violating major league baseball domestic violence, joint policy. Russell's been undergoing counseling sessions in Glendale White Sox starter Michael kopech held another light throwing session. Today's after he underwent Tommy John surgery. Last follies rehabbing the elbow. Now, we're a little over a week away from the start of spring training games. And here is slow park today. Northwestern baseball begins their season against BYU a three game set your xfinity Blackhawks report, Patrick Kane. Now has an assistant fifteen straight games after failing to in last night's win over the devils. That's a team record hawks host Columbus tomorrow. We'll have that game at six in the NBA all star weekend begins in Charlotte tonight in Mesa Kevin Powell WGN. Sports your money. Traffic and weather next on love will conquer hate stand.

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