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Covered 19 vaccine are gonna be arriving at hospitals across the country today. Yes, Some Americans got their first doses yesterday, which was the same day that the U. S death toll exceeded 300,000 people. At the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Dr Michelle Chester, who administered the hospital's first shot, said help is finally on the way. Let's take advantage of this glimmer of hope, which is the vaccine. So we can move forward as a community as a nation and is a world we've got NPR Health reporter Ping Guang with us. Good Morning, Ping. Good morning. What can we expect for the rest of the week on the vaccine front? So those health care workers that we saw getting vaccinated yesterday kicked it off more than 400 sites around the country will be getting their first shipment today. Here's Health Secretary Alex aides are speaking in Washington D. C by Wednesday. Accident will be delivered everywhere from sites here in Washington to the shores of Guam to the northeastern corner of main All in all around three million doses of the fives of accident going out this week, and all states are really glad to be receiving these vaccines. There's a lot we need to figure out to get those vaccines into millions of people's of arms quickly. Remember, it was just authorized on Friday, so they need to train a lot of people on had a thought them and mix them and give them out. How do you assess people for potential contraindications and Make sure people come back at the right time for that second shot right? So and of course, all these first shipments there limited there's not enough to even cover all the health workers, right? When can we expect more supply? Well, General guess paranoia, the logistics lead for Operation Works. Speed says that every week from now on, states will be getting more vaccines. It is not a one and done delivery. It is a consistent flow of ordering preparation and delivery. It rolls out as vaccines were available, and more and more people get access to the vaccine every day. Harnesses. They're looking. They're providing. Look ahead, forecasted. States can plan ahead six weeks in the future, and now we've seen most of those first dose is going to health care workers so far, But next week, some states are expected to start immunizing nursing home residents as well through federal partnership with CVS and Walgreens teams from these pharmacies. They're gonna be visiting nursing homes to give shots to both residents and to staff. And as for he goes next, it's really up to the states who they prioritize. It could be people like essential workers or could be built people with underlying health conditions. The CDC is planning on coming up with more guidance on that one priority groups in the coming weeks. So we're talking about the Fizer vaccine that was produced in tandem with a German company, but we could be getting news of another vaccine this week, right? Yeah, Absolutely. So that's a big decision coming this week that could really increase the supply of vaccines on Thursday. The Food and Drug Administration is considering a vaccine from the drug company Madonna for emergency use authorization. Was the same process of the visor vaccine went through last week, and the maternal vaccines actually similar to the fires of vaccine and how it works, and also comparable and safety and efficacy. So if that one gets authorized, the government says they have six million doses of that ready to ship out. All right. NPR health reporter Ping Hong on the latest on.

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