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California's population stall that thirty nine million people as the state's growth rate slows because of more people leaving the state for other parts of the country and estimate released Friday showed California added one hundred forty one thousand three hundred people from July first twenty eighteen to July first twenty nineteen bringing its total population to a little under forty million adding birth sense of tracking deaths California added more than one hundred eighty thousand people for the twelve months ending July first but more people left the state resulting in a net migration loss of thirty nine thousand five hundred people state officials said it's the first time since the twenty ten census the California had more people leave than it had moved in in a ruling hailed as an immense victory for climate justice the Netherlands top court has ruled in favor of activists who've been seeking legal orders to force the Dutch government into cutting greenhouse gas emissions the presiding judge rejected the government's appeal against earlier rulings ordering the government to cut emissions by at least twenty five percent by the end of twenty twenty from benchmark nineteen ninety levels the Supreme Court upheld the lower court's rulings that protection from the potentially devastating effects of climate change once a human rights and that the government has a duty to protect its citizens activists in a packed chamber of the supreme court in the Hague erupted into applause and cheers at the decision a report by the country's environmental assessment agency published last month estimated that Dutch greenhouse gas emissions in twenty twenty would be about twenty three percent lower than nineteen ninety levels Boeing's new starliner capsule went off course during its first test flight he's been Thomas reports it spoils the crucial dress rehearsal for launching astronauts next year and lift off the atlas five rocket lifted off with the starliner capsule from Cape Canaveral Florida.

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