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Mayor she was down there the whole time I didn't make that ten canister in the corner that was all her he just ran away on our own because I accidentally unlocked the basement to Bowling Green police have not identified a suspect yet okay maybe it's him I don't know was necklace the stories out of Minnesota twenty five year old Musab al Shawn was clocked by troopers going a hundred and twenty miles an hour in a seventy mile an hour zone his red Mustang was chased for twenty five miles with troopers twice throwing down spike strips before the pursuit finally ended when he was arrested authorities asked Musab what he was thinking yeah MASSOB said he didn't stop because he thought the officers wanted to race cops like to play with you yeah and you chase me classic misunderstanding he was taken to the Elkhart county jail and now faces preliminary charges of resisting police reckless driving and several moving violations if you would just let these guys win they would have been such a poor loser this necklace our stories out of San Francisco California last year thirty one year old Emily to layer mo went grocery shopping and before she went in she tied up her beloved Australian shepherd Jackson to a bench outside the door sadly.

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