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There are none of those were Menem is the key you got to keep it rolling that's right okay Jane you take three days we'll see you tomorrow night Jerry thanks for the phone call presale seven three four not a tempo de all phone lines open give us a call if you want it over to the game we had nobody regions video you watch the game at all what you do in may hi George what is it games on ESPN two ESPN two out of people don't know that he and I don't like that hi what's wrong with him too you're going to do I got to see who's playing on one but I don't like being bumped into a man we should be on this but the game on ABC come on now your by itself may you get beat by it like that when I go put that ABC come on there now eight the a local channel ABC general could do that with a baby E. S. P. N. on ABC they do that all the time now they do I her comments still Mitchell has date with games on the regular ESPN yeah there is a gay I did there's again I don't know where the Michigan state game is that too because the Michigan state game as early too isn't it eight o'clock this is State at eight tonight so I got to figure out where that was seven three four nine they did give the let's go to robin Chelsea without rob Hey Jamie thanks so much always a great show I've got made the blue boxes brother may I just came out Kroger off maple road and guess who I ran into coach Jerry Hammond wow our own yet or the black and I've known that your man Evan seeing him at Saint Thomas your then of course maize and blue Mason blue and we were talking about you we were talking about these formation in the the old one back to the wall green well done he he I don't think that dear man when one of your thought I would love to talk to him and he took that it's about blocking and tackling yeah and I thought how many clients is minimal that man so the other but it's not that I'm not so small madam right now from that grew out of a man they're not invest in going to dominate on it tonight and I just wanna within the body a beautiful and god bless you all and thanks for the great show as always thank you for the phone call please thank you very much loved that band Jerry a little bit there you know I saw a couple weeks ago but you know I love the rubber for two with that little from bad it might our goal of that then I'm gonna get bloods I will choose a mate but again he will he just said it was so funny how again Jerry's pines I'd like you James Earl ray he's not biggest man no but again like he said he just got a mall Jack they'll be ready to run through a wall now then the rate we're playing Ohio state tonight does you matter that that on football but right my men arrive in Chelsea's all jacked up ready to go I get it eight eight he had me fired up we were about goes down that too he remembers everything do that the way that he remembers every day it blows my mind she is a sharp as a tack yep right I love that made me let makes me laugh about loud stuff reminds me of a lot of big and then go back into a job well you know what you are and not back yeah we got to remind them of that everyone if you Greg me up anyway always good to hear you know everybody's around out doing anything look and I've been thinking about this I know I've been thinkin about it anyway I'm telling you go with in the room this year there get take care your coaches because everybody's getting paid then go out and do a national search bring back bring bring wake up the echoes of whatever you want to call it that in order to do something and you know hi Lorenzo white India coach we're going on thank you crazy anymore John L. brown but no I agree I think they need Jamie you need to you need to take care of this media you need to take care of us immediately right you gotta get on it immediately got to get on a quick this is not a good position to be in right now no you're right and nobody expected this everybody's everybody's everybody staff is full everybody's pretty much you got you look as as measurement a from the Detroit news said you would you got signed season coming it you got to let the you got its signing day tomorrow and I know it's not a big thing I know it's not a big thing anymore but you got one of the best recruits are Georgia I mean now we've got to reconsider what he's going to do a lot of people that sign on the second day right there are a lot of the majority of people sign on the first one but there are plenty big name prospects that didn't sign yet so yeah it's curious Jim very curious no it's really curious to you dude this is got a crazy eighty eight eight unforeseen but like I said you got a yeah allows smoke alarms coming out easily you know what they say god allows smoke there's fire let me go let me go in the get inside Lansing and find out good afternoon good evening bed how were you good evening gentlemen what's going on there first of all that smoke you see and smell it's got to be a burning soul for right what are these plans what's your favorite the bird well the famous for bird and other things to what our regardless all I'd like to just sit on a few topics first of all the game tonight with arrival in in those people in the sample don't like that we call our our rival you always you know we don't play till Saturday I told me with a basketball you're not our main rival I don't like that look sure my prediction tonight is I'm concerned that task he's probably going to get some fall troll Walton all she sees that happen a Chrysler relatively often the the referees I don't know we don't get time with soul especially in Christchurch scenes all unlike other teams get at home when I interest for you Austin Davis I think is going to what continue his good solid play and yes I think it all depends if we can get hello Watson and Paul trouble as well did not I think potentially it is going to be a ten point gain otherwise I think it's going to be close and I look for a X. to continue his is amazing click all line as of late you are so the game clinching game at the free throw line by three okay all I don't interest rates could be high scoring but I think we're gonna have to get it out so that's my prediction for game night all the young men in the square so really what I care about is how if at all will affect coach our boss program I we have we've been recruiting any of those recruits that might say you know I would really wanted to play for a coach the Antonio all booked well well similar coach in his demeanor maybe not the single should all a maybe you could put the word out to Mister well ask him if if we have any ties those recruits there that running back at a Georgia you mention all I know we have please hold back to you but who knows maybe is good enough athlete he just slide into the secondary yourself something potentially like that well so that's really what I care about is how is the Antonio going we wore to affect it is short term George recruiting with national Slaney tomorrow end of the long term to if they bring in our duty back you all know doozy has a certain hatred Michigan he displayed it though he coached his defense against this can change when they play so I personally I'd rather see fickle come back all he's not he's not that worthless treatment which was not there Columbus all so really don't get my big concern is not so much about Michigan state although I'd like to speak with their program all I have all not this certainly strong but by apple and approved for all the issue teams they're not playing it I would prepare stating all I just I think it's best for our state if we add good genes and feel better for our economy everything of that nature but I'm just I think I prefer vehicle to coaching argues the who or even even this Mike trestle with pieces your brother yeah yeah Jim Tressel yeah I I would you mind if we can't be Jim Tressel let's be a little brother down for a few years left us a don't yeah go blue bags bed project a phone call seven three four nine engine fifty seven three four nine and they did fifty let's go to Howard in Ann Arbor what's up our or have been about the day well Hey you guys the way we all when you're cold I got to cover for you okay I will lift Donald mail or body what time it wasn't John L. Smith and Bobby Williams here before coming back don't call it a comeback yeah I was on help them out bringing them back that was that that that's a bad that's bad that's bad that's a bad deal with because I know it's bad members know when we'll get busted now do what we do is find a plan to hide coordinator somewhere a Christian example lemon does still have this in common though this is what we really are here but do you exactly do you get rid of his coaching staff to do you know that I mean mark J. Terrill yeah I mean they're going to stop I mean it that way I mean he's he's gonna put this coaching staff stock so my whole thing is why not in a room for one year and then come back and do a national search you're not you're probably right because what cold you want to come in and do what the coaches already left over here that was not very successful exactly three years so yeah you're right what I'll come with Joe bottle without Williams and I there we can bring them back I mean they were the worst I mean at the time the the I mean it look it made me happy because we beat him but I mean really if you if you're looking at it you don't need this to you don't need those guys women I mean those guys coming back and coach and a you know they didn't do a good job they didn't do a good job I know that's not one of them I know anyway tonight me Mr victory we got this simple three what about the old it is a little and I think that's good for this one all okay I I look I don't have a problem with that I believe they can win I believe that they should win but you're going to get to Ohio state I mean this is one of your arch rivals that in basketball eight and you I mean look Ohio state needs a win they need a win let's just say they need they need in the worst way worse than that that the order of maybe going to concede to because we need a way they're gonna come out and play right now they don't come out and play I'll give you everything they got expressly put the rivalry on top of that not just for the raspberry they got a weird we are now closed well I I feel like you our appreciate a phone call our global go blue we're gonna take a break our our phone lines are open Monday here from you what do you think it's gone take the Michigan to win this game tonight and of course we're talking about mark Dantonio leaving two weeks after he got four point three million but he did leave I don't know why this fertilization allegations me maybe the card is black well lawyer lawyer did find something well it's kind of suspicious.

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