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Taking care that all right the power line several years ago usually come to windblown right we just want to get what i'm bob kennedy really connecticut i'm going to have to agree with that statement yes like a cia can you that confirm or deny but i'm going to say yes i believe that they were where connected bobby kennedy's autopsy was a complete on the bockel from the beginning i can get into that at another time and we i know which is focussing right on your hands you here in still alive these he's held up in a california prison somewhere right exactly i mean you've tried to get parole many many times and of course this isn't organising and you know getting back to bobby kennedy i think he was more immediate personally i think he was more of a threat politically to our country to the opponents of of the political system than i think his brother john was only because rob was going after the powersthatbe within organized crime he was breaking down a lot of the infrastructure within within the the politics he wanted to change sounds familiar huh yeah we we wanted to change so now you've got nixon of course running with bobby kennedy bobby goes into the hotel and he could shot without getting into that dimarco but we go into the evidence 'cause i'm always looking at training that's desert back that's what i do and i've done more of it beyond my police policing i've gone to additional training and additional school so you know this this is the whole background so i look at this row robert kennedy in when you've got thomas in the gucci whose who has since i believe he is passed though he did the autopsy in la again amiram murdo you know people say the assassination of rfk it wasn't an assassination he was not he was a political figure but it wasn't the president right so was a murder so you've got this so thomas noguchi does these autopsy and he finds that uh robert kennedy died from a bullet wound on to the back of the right ear okay well we're was sir hints of hand when he fired the shots in the front of odd standing about six feed influx of oz winning turned his head well unless the.

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